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Swing Copters
Swing Copters
Swing Copters
Swing Copters
Swing Copters
Swing Copters
Swing Copters

Review Swing Copters

Jay Feldman
Really addictive, one-finger controls
High difficulty
Swing Copters for Android is a goofy little game. I challenge anyone to score better than 2, cuz after almost an hour of trying, and fist fulls of ripped out hair later, that's the best I got. And I don't think anyone, including the developers can do much better. Not unless you're smoking something or completely sloshed; then maybe.
Swing Copters is a simple, yet maddening game. There's a weird little blob of a character wearing a propeller hat. His mission, is to fly upward as far and as high as he can go, without running into any of the swinging mallets. Score one point for each level passed. Problem is, I doubt you'll make it past 3, maybe 4 if you're lucky and have endless persistence.
The controls are "easy" but the game is rather impossible. Just tap the screen repeatedly to make your little guy ascend upward. The only problem is, his flight path is very jittery and sporadic by design, so it's virtually impossible to fly with any sort of skill or accuracy. The sounds are ok I guess; were there sounds? I was so mesmerized by this maddeningly impossible game that I hardly noticed.
Swing Copters has some real intrigue, but is one of those timekillers you'll play just to say you did, not because you stand any shot at being good at it. The graphics are retro and cute, but the game itself was designed to be a pixelated torture device; no more no less. Run out and try it and let me know if you can beat my whopping score of 2; also let me know how long it took and if you have any sanity left.

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Gameplay 7/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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Jasmine Garner
Swing Copters is a nice game really wonderful to play this game..
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