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Arcane Soul
Arcane Soul
Arcane Soul
Arcane Soul
Arcane Soul
Arcane Soul
Arcane Soul
Arcane Soul

Review Arcane Soul

Jay Feldman
Neat animation, quality graphics, the game is addictive
Needs variance, sounds could be better, inconvenient to play on a small screen
Arcane Soul for Android is a fantasy slasher game; fight against mythic beasts and weird looking creatures in this strange and vibrant land.
Arcane Soul was a pleasant surprise and not at all what I was expecting. The action is good, the visuals are striking and there's a lot here to hold your interest. The game is a side scrolling environment with anime sort of graphics. Choose your warrior, then do battle with your trusty sword against an array of odd and vicious looking creatures. The environment is part futuristic, part ancient mythic fantasy. Basically, your objective is to proceed down the path and exit through a portal, however, you must defeat all the enemies and bosses before you can advance to the next stage.
The visuals are hugely satisfying; bursting onscreen in a flurry of pops and flashes. Sometimes there's so many pixels igniting onscreen, it's hard to know who's bashing who. Bust just keep pounding on that sword button on the right, and you walk with the arrow keys on the left. The controls work quite well and arrows have double tap capability for added dynamics in movement.
The sounds are decent, but some of the hero's grunts can be a little cheesy and spark memories of poorly dubbed Kung Fu movies. But the action is hugely satisfying and definitely adds to the excitement and intensity of play. Be sure to use the potions and health restoratives to keep your defenses up.
Arcane Soul ran my battery really hot, so it's a killer in that department too. But the play is solid and lots of fun. I think the game could use more variance from one level to the next. However, it's highly entertaining and fun to look at. I think kids of all ages will go nuts for this one.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 9/10
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This rpg - arcane soul, always freezes on my huawei ascend mate. My phone runs on android 4.1.2
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