LAS: Last App Switcher
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LAS: Last App Switcher
LAS: Last App Switcher
LAS: Last App Switcher
LAS: Last App Switcher
LAS: Last App Switcher
LAS: Last App Switcher

Review LAS: Last App Switcher

Jay Feldman
Minimalist design
Not powerful enough
LAS: Last App Switcher for Android aims to make switching between two apps faster and easier. It works rather well, but is ultimately redundant.
LAS: Last App Switcher is an interesting idea, if not a very useful one. The idea behind it is to easily switch between the current app you're using, and the last app you used just before that. To accomplish this, the app places an overlay button on your screen, and that button remains visible at all times. Just look for the little button that looks like this app's icon; that's where the magic happens.
So if you're surfing the web, but want to quickly get back to the email app you were just using, all you need do is tap the LAS: Last App Switcher button and it will instantly take you back to your email app. Hit it again, and you'll instantly be back on the web page you were browsing. The app will toggle back and forth like this between the last 2 apps you were using. That's it; that's all it does.
So the burning question in my mind is - what the hell do I need this for? Every Android gizmo out there can already switch between apps like this - only better. Just tap the history button at the bottom of your screen, and you'll see a screenshot of each and every app you were recently using; just tap any one of them to go back to that app and resume where you left off. Yes, it takes 2 clicks instead of one, but you get to pick from all your recent apps, not just toggle between 2 of them. So in essence, LAS: Last App Switcher has less functionality than the app switcher all of us already have.
LAS: Last App Switcher is decent if instantly switching between 2 apps, and 2 apps alone, is important to you. Why that would be important to anyone boggles me. Why would I want this button permanently overlayed on all my screens, just so I can toggle 2 apps? Seems like much ado about nothing to me. Nice idea on paper, but another example of how gimmicky the app market has become. This app functions ok, for what it is; problem is it doesn't do anything useful. Ultimately, it's just redundant.

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Usefulness 5/10
Usability 8/10
Originality 7/10
Design 9/10
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