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Granny Tap
Granny Tap
Granny Tap
Granny Tap
Granny Tap

Review Granny Tap

Jay Feldman
Funny sounds, unusual game play
Bores you really quickly, mediocre graphics
Granny Tap for Android tries to make the tedious entertaining. Help granny type a letter, one jittery keystroke at a time.
Granny Tap is quite funny in concept, but quickly unfolds like one of those Saturday Night Live skits that's only amusing for the first 60 seconds, then just keeps going on loooooong after the joke is no longer funny. So the game takes place on an extreme close up of a computer keyboard. One of the keys is green, and that's the one you want to hit. Granny's bony little hand with a rickety pointing finger appears from the top of the screen. Her hand is jittery from arthritis, so you gotta help guide her finger to that green key so she can type her letter. Her hand floats left and right automatically while moving steadily lower. Will she hit the right key? Yes, but only with your help and not very often.
The controls are easy; just tap the screen to make granny's hand float left, and then tap it again to make it float right. Getting her to hit that darn green key is tricky. But when she finally does it, another random key turns green and you gotta go for that one next. As you hit keys, granny's letter slowly appears, character by character, on the computer screen. Hit the wrong keys and erroneous characters will mess up her spelling. Hit as many green keys as you can to type granny's letter and try to figure out what she's saying. Mess up too often and it's game over.
The graphics are very retro and the sounds are funny. The game has some intrigue, but quickly gets boring.
Granny Tap is fun for a few minutes before you wanna beg granny to just dictate her letter to you instead so you can type for her. Or better still, just hand her your cell phone and tell her to make a call instead. On second thought, you'd better dial for her. Hey developers, I think I just gave you your sequel.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 8/10
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