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Jink Beta
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Jink Beta
Jink Beta
Jink Beta
Jink Beta
Jink Beta
Jink Beta

Review Jink Beta

Tariq Abdulla
Battery efficient, functions quickly, simple interface
Weak functionality
Jink Beta for Android is a location sharing app, which uses your phone number as an ID in order to link up with your contacts. When you send a Jink to someone, if they install the app, you'll be able to see each others location on a map. This will expire after about 12 hours, or if you delete it or if you meet up.
While the interface is simple and uncluttered, the functionality of Jink is a bit limited because you can only Jink one person at a time. This means it is not effective for tracking the locations of a group of people. Furthermore, having the Jink expire as soon as you are in the same location as someone might not be what you want every time, but there is no way of changing this default. I find Glympse's ability to set time limits for location sharing more appealing, as well as the ability to send a link for anyone to see your location. It's a significant disadvantage of Jink that anyone else needs to install the app in order to see your location.
That said, for private location sharing between two individuals, with a simple interface, Jink does the job pretty well. However, it does just seem quite a lot of effort to use this app just for meeting up with someone for a coffee. Location sharing really comes into its own for tracking a group of people who might split up on a night out in a city, to have someone track your location for safety reasons, or to let someone know your ETA and progress while travelling. Jink Beta lacks destination or group sharing features that would make it really handy for these situations. However, it does somewhat make up for this with the simplicity of its interface; and it does seem quite battery-efficent. If you just want something lightweight to share your location with one or two people, Jink will do the job well enough.

Final ratings

Usefulness 7/10
Usability 8/10
Originality 7/10
Design 8/10
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