Let's Fold : Collection
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Let's Fold : Collection
Let's Fold : Collection
Let's Fold : Collection
Let's Fold : Collection
Let's Fold : Collection
Let's Fold : Collection
Let's Fold : Collection
Let's Fold : Collection

Review Let's Fold : Collection

Tariq Abdulla
Thought provoking, lots of levels, responsive controls
Instantly irritating soundtrack
Let's Fold for Android is novel game which challenges you to fold a sheet of paper into an animal. You are given the final shape, and are only allowed a few folds to reach it. You can use hints to see how to do the first fold or two, but these quickly run out and become an optional in-app purchase.
You don't know what animal you are trying to fold until you complete it, which makes the game fun and rewarding. The paper folding feels very realistic, and you are required to do some complex folds to get into the final shape. Let's Fold is clever enough to realise when you have pulled up the sheet, and put it back again, and when you are just pausing to continue with a fold; so it doesn't mark folds you didn't intended to make. It's also quick and easy to reset, or go back through each step, which makes it a joy to play.
It get's frustrating when you can't figure out how to fold a particular level, and you may find yourself asking other people to see if they have any good ideas. Let's fold works best for short periods of idle play; if you try to play it intensively you might get annoyed. The music is instantly irritating, so you may as well mute that as soon as you start the game.
Let's Fold will be a fun puzzle game for anyone, whether you are any good at origami or not. This is a pure mind challenge, or a try-it-and-see type of game, with plenty of levels to keep you busy. And unlike real origami, you won't need to scrunch up pieces of paper every time you get something wrong.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 6/10
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