App Swap - The Smart Drawer
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App Swap - The Smart Drawer
App Swap - The Smart Drawer
App Swap - The Smart Drawer
App Swap - The Smart Drawer
App Swap - The Smart Drawer
App Swap - The Smart Drawer
App Swap - The Smart Drawer

Review App Swap - The Smart Drawer

Tariq Abdulla
Nice interface, simple design, ads are not confusing
Slow to launch
App Swap - The Smart Drawer for Android is a way of quickly launching your apps from your existing launcher. You can access it from within any app, either with an up-swipe or by long-holding your home button. App Swap lets you quickly search through your apps to find the right one. You can also show icons that are mostly a particular color. Once you get used to it, this ought to be faster than scrolling or typing; as long as you can remember what color the icon is.
App Swap starts with your apps, in alphabetical order, and gradually moves them into the order of frequency of use as it tracks which apps you launch the most often.
App Swap is slightly nicer than my stock app manager, but I feel like it takes just a moment too long to pop up. Possibly this is because I haven't really got the sliding action working on my phone, as this launches a HTC media link feature instead. However, even when using a shortcut, it still feels like it pops up too slowly. Unfortunately, this issue really kills the functionality, as the whole point is to be able to launch other apps a bit faster.
I like the bright and simple design of App Swap. It's quick and responsive (once open) and will pop up anywhere on command. It supports landscape orientation. The pro features don't sound like they add that much, though of course this also gets rid of the banner ads.
Although App Swap is well designed, and a nice idea, I found that I couldn't really get into the swing of using it, as it was just too slow to open up.

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Usefulness 7/10
Usability 7/10
Originality 6/10
Design 7/10
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