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Review Feedly

Sergei Petrov
More recently in Google Play an entirely new reader Feedly for Google Reader service and individual RSS-feeds. The quality and level of performance, this program can make a good competition for giants such as Flipboard and Pulse News Reader . The program looks great both on smartphones and on tablets.
The application interface is in white with colored buttons. After the first run the program asks you to access your Gmail-account to connect tape Google Reader. If you are not using this service, it does not mean the futility application for you, since the program is able by itself to hang any RSS-channels, which means that you can add to it is any site.

Feedly for Android Features

All accounts and added sites form a one beautiful illustrated magazine which is loaded only the content (text, images, video), without advertising and website design.
Flipping between news comes only horizontally. Records through time are either in full screen or in several pieces on the page. Thus, simulated "the log" when every new page individually "imposition."
If you click in the upper right corner of the compass icon will open a side window, where you can see the catalog of the most popular resources on various topics. Channels diluted beautiful themed images for readability. To subscribe, simply click on the "+" and then creates a new channel (folder), where it will be placed this website. To add there a Russian site to write the name in the search for the site or its domain, and then find the search results right resources and also press the plus sign.
If any of the items you like, and you want to save or read later, just click on top of the box, it will add it to the list "Read Later". And here is an important feature. If you use applications for deferred reading Pocket or Instapaper, then settings specify login and password to your service, and checkboxes checkbox article will fly to your selected application in one click. Very convenient!
Also next to the box there is an icon browser when clicked, the current page will be opened in your default browser. To Tweet or share the article, please click on the three dots in the upper right corner and select the desired service.


Feedly - a qualitative and functional application, when possible, is almost exactly Flipboard. The advantages include easy and responsive interface, as well as high speed downloads of new materials and easy to sort by category.

Final ratings

Usefulness 10/10
Usability 10/10
Originality 8/10
Design 10/10
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