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Shadow Kings
Shadow Kings
Shadow Kings
Shadow Kings
Shadow Kings
Shadow Kings

Review Shadow Kings

Vlad Popa
Decent gameplay, can be played without in-app purchases
Requires a constant internet connection to play, combat could have been more interactive
Shadow Kings is a game that brings a combination of strategy and city management to smart devices. Founding a kingdom requires lots of work and dedication; the game captures that feeling quite well. Set in a fantasy land where elves and dwarves have set their differences aside and banded together to form a great nation.
The game relies much more heavily on the administrative aspects of a strategy game rather than the actual combat. Building, expanding and gathering taxes are the main activities that the game presents. As such players can build a large amount of resource generating, military and administrative structures. The key to victory however is combining military strength with diplomacy. Forming alliances with players you deem fit or choosing to conquer them remain some of the best tactics to ensure your city can grow. Menus are a bit complicated at first glance, yet once you get used to them and learn where everything is hidden and how the game mechanics function things will start feeling natural.
In order to conquer their enemies, players must recruit troops for both defense and attack. Once their army is ready it is advised that a scouting mission is launched in order to assess the enemy’s defenses before sending in your troops to attack. If the battle was won then the army will return home with bounty for their glorious leader.
Overall Shadow Kings for Android is a very enjoyable game that almost anyone can dive into. With its decent graphics and nice administrative gameplay, the game can be quite interesting and addictive. It would have been a much greater game if the combat would have been more interactive, but manages to stand on its own either way.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 8/10
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