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PackPoint travel packing list
PackPoint travel packing list
PackPoint travel packing list
PackPoint travel packing list
PackPoint travel packing list
PackPoint travel packing list
PackPoint travel packing list
PackPoint travel packing list

Review PackPoint travel packing list

Jay Feldman
Functions quickly, modern design
Inconvenient, time consuming
PackPoint Travel Packing List for Android aspires to make your travel packing lists more convenient and intuitive. The app attempts to be thorough and helpful, but is ultimately just time consuming and redundant.
PackPoint Travel Packing List has a very modern looking interface. I liked the color scheme and found everything very inviting. To create your packing list, just insert a destination, the date and length of your stay and then choose if it's a business trip, pleasure or both. Once you make your initial selections, the app presents categories for your to browse, with typical items we all use in each one. Choose from essentials like, shampoo and Q-tips, to dress shirts and underwear. If you don't see an item you're looking for, you can easily add it with the text input field. Generated lists can then be emailed to yourself for printing.
The app functioned quickly and I was actually impressed with some of the suggestions it made. Someone put a lot of thought into this. However, this app is a shining example of just how redundant gimmicky the app world has become; just because there can be an app for something, doesn't mean it's actually useful or needed. Using this app is hugely time consuming. I think if you're busy enough to be going on a business trip, then you're likely too busy to waste your time with this app. It does virtually nothing that a simple Word doc saved to the cloud can't do better. Personally, I just make my lists via email drafts; I'm always in there anyway, so accessing and editing doesn't require any extra steps or redundant procedures.
PackPoint Travel Packing List is a decent list maker, however, there are a host of alternate methods that just work better and faster. Sure, this app is nice to look at, but I don't need pretty pictures to help me pack; I just need a list of stuff to remember. I need something fast and simple, not flashy and redundant. This app makes the process of making that list a whole job unto itself, and ultimately, I think it's just a waste of time.

Final ratings

Usefulness 5/10
Usability 6/10
Originality 7/10
Design 8/10
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