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Paradise Island
Paradise Island
Paradise Island
Paradise Island
Paradise Island
Paradise Island
Paradise Island
Paradise Island
Paradise Island
Paradise Island
Paradise Island

Review Paradise Island

Jay Feldman
Quality animation, quality graphics, dynamic game play
Lags a bit, monotonous game play, not interesting to play without paying money
Paradise Island for Android comes from a classic genre of play, that to my knowledge, all began with Sim City. Build structures and populate your paradise for visiting guests.
Paradise Island is sure to entertain if this is your style of play. You are in charge of your own little paradise. You job is to get the island ready for visiting tourists. You have to build places for them to stay, restaurants and shops, all to keep them interested and happy. Before long, cruise ships arrive with happy travelers. The visiting tourists will tell you if they’re not happy or in need of anything. Little speech bubbles appear over their heads and let your know if they’re hungry and want you to build more hot dog stands, or if there aren't enough hotel rooms for the night. It’s a little like having a virtual pet, in that, you need to tend to your guest’s needs and keep the island growing and thriving.
The graphics are actually quite good. Most games of this genre have terrible zoom controls and you can never quite get close enough to the action to really appreciate the game. But this one is excellent; zoom in and out to your liking with ease. The animation is nice and the sounds are actually peaceful and relaxing. I almost feel like I’m vacationing with them.
The game does plod along a little slowly, and naturally, the only way to pick up the pace is to spend money so the upgrades will happen faster. It’s a bit manipulative, not to mention expensive. However, if you love this sort of game, the investment might be worthwhile to you.
Paradise Island is good fun, but I seriously question if it can be played and enjoyed to the fullest without spending money. Still, this game will entertain for a while, provide you have endless patience or deep pockets.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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Beach Beetle
How do I upgrade island out of date
Dar'ya Suvorova
Sim deep love forever and ever
Orits Williki
why wont my paradise island download open?
Alexander Vorobyev
What's exactly the problem? Do you receive any error message? Please let me know more about it. Thanks!
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