Smurfette's Magic Match
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Smurfette's Magic Match
Smurfette's Magic Match
Smurfette's Magic Match
Smurfette's Magic Match
Smurfette's Magic Match
Smurfette's Magic Match
Smurfette's Magic Match
Smurfette's Magic Match
Smurfette's Magic Match
Smurfette's Magic Match

Review Smurfette's Magic Match

Jay Feldman
Interesting plot, addictive game play
Kills your battery, very common
Smurfette's Magic Match for Android takes everyone's favorite blue little Smurfs and places them within a storybook style match 3 game.
Smurfette's Magic Match will be a beloved game for any Smurf fan; young or just young at heart. The game takes you through a little story with Smurfette through the magical realm of these blueish sprites. Follow Smurfette down an interactive pathway to each of the game's levels. Once inside each game, you'll see a colorful collection of mushrooms, clovers, blue diamonds, hearts and basically everything one would expect to find in this magical mythic realm; or in a box of Lucky Charms.
The play is your basic match 3 style, with power ups, special matches and magical objects. The fun really starts when you hit those chain reactions that just keep going and going, seemingly with no end. It's hugely satisfying to see everything being triggered and disappearing in rapid succession. Achieve the minimum score for each round to win the level and advance.
The graphics look like something straight out of a Saturday morning cartoon; very inviting and playful. Kids will love this one, as will adults who grew up on the Smurfs. The animation rendered smoothly for the most part, but when really big matches were triggered in, I did experience hangs and stutters.
The controls didn't always register touches, but part of the problem might be that the gemstones are very small and cramped together. I think this would be difficult to play on smaller screens. Plus, it really drained my battery and made it run hot.
Smurfette's Magic Match is a fun game for any match 3 or Smurf fan. It doesn't reinvent the wheel or anything, and offers very little by way of originality, but it's a solid match 3 game with lots of levels and charm to spare.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 8/10
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