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Manuganu 2
Manuganu 2
Manuganu 2
Manuganu 2
Manuganu 2
Manuganu 2
Manuganu 2
Manuganu 2

Review Manuganu 2

Tariq Abdulla
Multiple routes, quality 3d graphics, interesting levels, ads are not confusing
Small buttons, very common
ManuGanu 2 for Android is a platform auto-runner, in which you can jump, double jump and stop to wait for objects to swing out of the way. ManuGanu 2 doesn't really bring anything original to this genre, apart from the ability to stop and wait. Like the first ManuGanu, you can choose which way to go in levels, which helps to make the game a bit more interesting.
I like the look and feel of ManuGanu 2. The pretty 3D parallax graphics hold it all together. You play a tribal-looking caveboy (I'm pretty sure I saw a dinosaur; but let's not be too pedantic). The story, or why you are running, is never really explained. The music and sounds are good to begin with, but quickly get annoying. You collect coins and tokens, and try to finish quickly, to be awarded stars for each level.
I found the gameplay pretty frustrating (and not in a good way). You have a choice between stopping and waiting a lot, or dying and resuming a lot. Either of these options breaks up the dynamic, and slows everything down. Furthermore, the buttons for jumping and stopping are too small, which can make it feel like the game is unresponsive when you keep missing them at critical moments.
There's 40 levels to play through, divided into 4 terrains, with a boss at the end of each terrain. The first boss is kind of weird, because he chases after you, but seems reluctant to actually catch you. ManuGanu 2 is free, and the between-level ads are not too obtrusive. It would be a great game, if only there was a bit less stopping and starting.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 7/10
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