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Review Kapsula

Jay Feldman
Perfect soundtrack, quality 3d graphics, exciting plot
Kills your battery, high difficulty
Kapsula for Android is a fast paced futuristic racing game with a twist. Drive fast, drive far, go boom.
Kapsula places you inside a futuristic looking capsule, drops you onto the crowded freeways of tomorrow and sends you speeding. It's a seven lane freeway cutting through a glowing metropolis skyline at night. The objective is to drive your capsule through traffic, yet somehow, keep an empty lane between you and other capsules as you speed past them. Why? Because if you are in the lane adjacent to a capsule when you pass it, it'll attach itself to the side of your capsule and you're stuck at the hip like Siamese twins.
Your capsule is silver; all the rest on the road are random colors. Once a capsule is stuck on you, there's only 2 ways to shake them loose; sideswipe capsules of the same color to jar loose the one stuck to you, or, smash into the appropriately colored guardrail to break free of your cling-on capsule. The problem is, once a capsule is stuck on you, it makes it harder to maneuver the roadway, and more and more capsules can get stuck on you, so before long, you're all several lanes wide and inevitably gonna crash.
The controls are simple and responsive; just swipe left or right to change lanes. The graphics are colorful and saturated, making everything glow and look cool. The animation is good and I really felt the sense of speed. And the soundtrack appropriately adds anxiety.
Kapsula is a lot of fun but very challenging. I found the best strategy is to just keep moving; weave in and out of traffic and do your best not to get any capsules stuck on you, because once they do, it's only a matter of time before it's game over.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 9/10
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