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Abs workout
Abs workout
Abs workout
Abs workout
Abs workout
Abs workout
Abs workout
Abs workout
Abs workout

Review Abs workout

Jay Feldman
Intuitive interface, simple design
Limited features, lags a bit
Abs Workout for Android is focused solely on offering you a great ab workout. The app promises to give you a flatter stomach after only 42 days, though naturally, offers no guarantees.
Abs Workout is apparently based on the Weider 6 Pack abs workout and is focused on giving you a flatter stomach. The app features a user friendly interface that's pleasant to look at and read, and should present well on any size screen. Along the left side of the interface, you'll see a list of daily workouts numbered 1-42. Just go through the program, one day at a time, and after completing all 42 days of intensive ab training, you'll purportedly be closer to having washboard abs.
Doing each workout is as easy as tapping on the daily workout and then following the onscreen prompts. The app keeps track of time, rest intervals and number of sets completed. There's also onscreen depictions of the movements you're doing, and an audible coach giving verbal instruction and pushing you to work hard.
The visuals look good and do an excellent job of guiding you through each workout and rest period. The audio is clear and can be easily heard and understood. The app's interface also features a host of customization tweaks, like setting the length of start and rest intervals. There's also a host of translation and language options.
Abs Workout looks like an effective way to focus on your ab training and should help keep you motivated on track. I liked the 42 day format and how everything looked onscreen. The pro version removes ads and may be well worth it because the bush ads make the app hang.

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Usefulness 9/10
Usability 9/10
Originality 8/10
Design 9/10
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