YouCam Perfect - Selfie Cam
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YouCam Perfect - Selfie Cam
YouCam Perfect - Selfie Cam
YouCam Perfect - Selfie Cam
YouCam Perfect - Selfie Cam
YouCam Perfect - Selfie Cam
YouCam Perfect - Selfie Cam
YouCam Perfect - Selfie Cam
YouCam Perfect - Selfie Cam
YouCam Perfect - Selfie Cam
YouCam Perfect - Selfie Cam
YouCam Perfect - Selfie Cam

Review YouCam Perfect - Selfie Cam

Tariq Abdulla
Various features, convenient interface, fully-featured free version
Blemish removal needs improvement
YouCam Perfect for Android is a camera/photo editing app that promises effortless beautification of faces. It uses many of the usual tricks of such apps. Take a photo with YouCam, and you will have a single sliding bar to improve the appearance of the face in your photo. Edit photos with YouCam, and you'll have more control with a sliding bar for each effect. It usually works best not to apply each effect too heavily, and to choose effects carefully. It detects faces, and can choose which face to work on, but can only do one at a time (save the photo and open it again to work on a second face).
The features in here that work best are Shine Removal, Face Reshaper, Eye Bag Removal, and Blush (as long as you use these features sparingly). There is a Face Contour tool that put definition back into faces once you have smoothed over them. Face Toner tended to mess up the colours too much, and the Nose Enhancer isn't really effective. You can enlarge your eyes, but that only really works if you're going for the over-the-top, sparkly, soft-puppy-dog selfie look. Which is absolutely a possibility, using this range of filters ("Effects").
The Blemish Removal feature in YouCam automatically detects facial blemishes, which I found doesn't actually work that well, and has a high false-positive rate. The patch tool in Facetune is better at covering up spots; but Facetune is $2.99 while YouCam is free; and I found YouCam was better overall for realistic and gentle enhancements.
There's also a collage tool here, letting you easily pull lots of photos from different sources into one frame. (Some frames have "YouCam Perfect" written on them, and some don't). The Scene tool is very fun - it lets you turn your photo into a massive banner in a football stadium, or a painting being done on a pavement.

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Usefulness 7/10
Usability 9/10
Originality 8/10
Design 9/10
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Nice but it is note avaulable in store
Brandon Girod
Hi! What device are you using?
frm which button can we click to take a selfie
Tariq Abdulla
there should be a camera when you first open the app. There's a button top right for reversing the camera
yucam camera prefect
yucam camera prefect14 Aug 2015, at 14:44
Yucam camera prefect
the camera is not able to take pics...whats the problem?
Camera is not responding
Tu ki Jane pyaar Mera
Tu ki Jane pyaar Mera
best selfie app
Spoate de instala
I downloaded The YouCam Perfect Selfie Cam, but I cant put pictures like they are drawed on the ground  
Vlad Popa
I'm afraid that I don't understand the issue. What do you mean by "drawed on the ground" ?
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