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GO Contacts EX
GO Contacts EX
GO Contacts EX
GO Contacts EX
GO Contacts EX
GO Contacts EX

Review GO Contacts EX

Sergei Petrov
GO Contacts EX - is a complete replacement for the standard application "Contacts" on Android. Program developed by a team of Chinese developers GO Dev Team, which has given us a lot of interesting programs that change the standard interface of the system.
The Android operating system allows you to set not only the browser side and the shell (launchers), but also a program to replace any other system services, such as SMS and contacts. Immediately after installing GO Contacts EX, the Android operating system will offer this program to use the "default" to open the contacts and calls.
In contrast to the standard application, you can find a very convenient way to sort contacts by groups, beautiful flipping between tabs with the effect of "3D-cube", as well as the appointment of a "Favorite" contacts, access to which will be implemented in a separate tab with miniature pictures.

Features GO Contacts EX:

  • Convenient and quick search for contacts (the program looks at the same time by the numbers and letters);
  • Quickly and easily sort contacts by groups using Drag & Drop (drag and place);
  • Possibility of merging duplicate contacts from different services;
  • Support for different themes;
  • Smart Dialing, just remember every little detail (the name of the room);
  • Backing up your contacts to the SD-card.
In addition to the program to replace the "contacts" are additionally installed application and GO Dialer EX, which replaces the standard dialer "Telephone."
To fully enjoy all the convenience of GO Contacts EX, must, of course, install proprietary shell GO Launcher EX , then you can place on your desktop beautiful widgets for quick access to contacts.


GO Contacts EX - a quality and proven application from studio GO Dev Team, which is actively developed and maintained by the developer. If for some reason you are not satisfied with the standard program for the contact display, it is, at the moment, almost the only credible alternative.

Final ratings

Usefulness 8/10
Usability 6/10
Originality 10/10
Design 8/10
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Akash Kumar jha
I want whatsapp on my tab
Why has Go Contacts disappeared? Will it be coming back? I have used that app for years and I absolutely loved it! I have been searching for a replacement app since it disappeared but I haven't been able to find anything that works as great as Go Contacts did. Please tell me it is coming back!
Tariq Abdulla
Not sure what happened with this one, but I don't think it's coming back I'm afraid
I want whatsapp on my tablet
Daniel brace
I want WhatsApp on my tablet
Ronald andera
I want whatsapp on my tablet
I want whatsapp on my tablet.
I want whatsapp on my tablet4
I want what app on my tab
,Ramesh Dutt Mishra
,Ramesh Dutt Mishra26 Sep 2014, at 15:32
I want Whatsapp on my tab.
Whyd they remove go contacts ex I really want this application please tell me how I can get it
I Emmanuel Adeyemi Johnson,  I want wasa
I Emmanuel Adeyemi Johnson, I want wasa17 Sep 2014, at 13:36
I need wasapp on my tab
I want whatApp on my tablet
I want whatsapp app on my tablet
I have a Nexus 7 with 3g but some GO application doesn`t run on my tablet. GO contacts also doesn`t run on this tablet. What is the reason for this?
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