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Evil Defenders
Evil Defenders
Evil Defenders
Evil Defenders
Evil Defenders
Evil Defenders
Evil Defenders
Evil Defenders
Evil Defenders

Review Evil Defenders

Jay Feldman
Neat animation, quality 3d graphics, addictive game play
Needs a better zoom, kills your battery, challenging controls
Evil Defenders for Android is a highly original and unique tower defense style game. It offers some unique twists on this tried and true genre and is highly immersive.
Evil Defenders has a lot going for it. They've taken the standard tower defense game and added a very strong fantasy quest style element to it. As usual, there's a pathway viewed from above and the objective is to defend your ground by strategically placing towers and weaponry along the path. When the bad guys come strolling through, you blast the crap outta them and try to keep them from passing through your battleground.
The cool part of this game is all the different towers and enemies. This is where the fantasy element comes in; your towers are armed by an array of ghoulishly weird characters, like dragons, goblins, wizards and even possessed skeletons. And your enemies are monstrosities in their own right. I loved all the different characters and couldn't wait to see what would happen next.
The graphics are really cool, but unfortunately, the zoom is so terrible that much of the hard work and great animation goes lost to squinting. This game would be terrible on a cell phone. Yes, you can zoom in ...a little ...sort of. Sadly, the game does a great job of keeping you at arms length form the action that's just beckoning to be watched. The animation is not only good, but intriguing; which only makes the shoddy zoom controls all the more annoying.
Evil Defenders would definitely make my short list of top tower defense games. It's a solid entry and highly addictive, but I think it needs some refinement before it reaches it's true potential.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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