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Sniper Tactical
Sniper Tactical
Sniper Tactical
Sniper Tactical
Sniper Tactical
Sniper Tactical
Sniper Tactical
Sniper Tactical
Sniper Tactical
Sniper Tactical

Review Sniper Tactical

Vlad Popa
Can be played without in-app purchases, interesting game play, simple controls
Player can only move to certain positions, the story is lacking
Sniper rifles are one of the most interesting weapons designed, and then brought to video games. With them you can take out enemies at long range, in complete secrecy and strategically clear enemies. Sniper Tactical is a game that brings those elements directly to smart devices. Analyze, calculate, target, eliminate, all these elements are what make this game an interesting experience.
The gameplay consists of several phases, though if you wish you can just start firing and hope for the best (this proves ineffective most times though). First you analyze the situation and keep both enemy and friendly characters in sight, checking patrol routes and hostage escape paths. The second phase consists of timing your shot with patrols. Finally the scope is used to aim your shot and take out the desired enemy. The idea is to eliminate enemies in such a way as to allow hostages to escape unharmed. What makes the game difficult is holding the gun steady and timing the shot with patrol routes to facilitate the escape. After each shot is fired the hostages will move from their current position to the next cover spot, provided that no enemy spots and kills them.
Overall Sniper Tactical for Android is both a fun game and an interesting challenge. It tests your planning skills, your aiming abilities and your ability to react to enemy behavior. The graphics are decent, though not anything amazing.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 9/10
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