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Heroes of Atlan
Heroes of Atlan
Heroes of Atlan
Heroes of Atlan
Heroes of Atlan
Heroes of Atlan
Heroes of Atlan
Heroes of Atlan

Review Heroes of Atlan

Vlad Popa
Simple gameplay, decent artwork
Boring combat, linear and dull storyline
Turn based games were a big thing, back when developers were limited by the available technology. Still there are great turn based games being developed even today as the genre struggles to keep up with more action packed games available. Heroes of Atlan is a game that you either love for its simplicity, or hate for the same reason.
While most games of the genre have tried to revamp and enhance the turn based combat system, Heroes of Atlan has chosen to do quite the opposite. It has stripped it of almost all the fun elements and reduced it to a simple auto-resolve system that the player is forced to watch. Characters take turns attacking computer picked targets, while using abilities after a certain criteria is met. The only choice the player has to make is, before even leaving the safety of their castle, where each hero will stand on the battlefield. Perhaps this would have been a more enjoyable combat system, if not for the graphics themselves. Watching a fight in this game is like watching pictures standing on a 2D field, with a few effects being displayed to signal that an attack is taking place. Characters have no animation, with the exception of the picture wobbling slightly.
Overall Heroes of Atlan for Android is a take it, or leave it game. It is hard to classify the game as an RPG since although you can pick your class; there is little else that players can do to influence the game other than following what is laid out for them. If you enjoy simplicity, it does have some redeeming qualities such as a variety of heroes you can recruit and plenty of items to discover. There is also the slightly strategic element of forming the proper party to tackle more advanced challenges, and the ability to go up against other players and their parties in the arena.

Final ratings

Gameplay 6/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 6/10
Sound 6/10
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