3D MMO Celtic Heroes
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3D MMO Celtic Heroes
3D MMO Celtic Heroes
3D MMO Celtic Heroes
3D MMO Celtic Heroes
3D MMO Celtic Heroes

Review 3D MMO Celtic Heroes

Vlad Popa
Brilliant soundtrack, great multiplayer and social features, can be played without in-app purchases
Abilities could be more diverse
MMOs have grown into somewhat of a gaming phenomenon, so it is no surprise that it has begun spreading to mobile devices, as they strive to claim their place as gaming devices. Celtic Heroes brings the fun, excitement and social interactions of traditional MMOs to the Android platform.
You start off as a lowly nobody, one of the five different classes, with barely a weapon and the clothes on your back, soon your power will begin to grow as you unlock more and more spells and abilities, earn more powerful gear and fight more powerful and challenging enemies. The formula may sound a bit familiar, however it works well.
The game plays smoothly, with players running about the virtual world completing quests, fighting bosses and even battling each other. There is somewhat of a learning curve to the game, especially for those looking to do player versus player combat, however once you get the hang of things it will all start to feel easy. The game relies a lot on the auto-attack feature, which reduces the mobility for characters. In PvP i found that most players still relied on remaining stationary, which led to easily winning some duels and then being able to brag about it on the chat channels.
Overall the game is wonderful. It has a solid graphic engine that makes the virtual world look quite beautiful in its own right, while still being able to cope with areas where lots of players are present. Celtic Heroes for Android takes a solid game style that has existed for a long time and adapts it to suit devices perfectly. If you enjoy MMOs or RPG games in general, then this one is worth a try. Be careful though as it requires a constant internet connection to play.

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Gameplay 9/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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