SwipePad: Hyperspace Jump
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SwipePad: Hyperspace Jump
SwipePad: Hyperspace Jump
SwipePad: Hyperspace Jump
SwipePad: Hyperspace Jump
SwipePad: Hyperspace Jump
SwipePad: Hyperspace Jump
SwipePad: Hyperspace Jump
SwipePad: Hyperspace Jump
SwipePad: Hyperspace Jump

Review SwipePad: Hyperspace Jump

Sergei Petrov
Freeware application SwipePad: Hyperspace Jump allows at any time to call a hidden menu with 12 icons for quick launch programs and shortcuts. Menu with icons on top of any open program, which allows only one gesture to launch the desired application.
By default, calling the menu is very simple manner. From the upper half of the display are conducting a finger towards the center, and right before my eyes a menu with 12 positions for the location of the icons. For these positions, we set up to run programs or shortcuts.
Also in the program settings, you can change the area that will be called by the menu. Seemed to me the most convenient gesture from the bottom, as a side called on the desktop sometimes does not pop up menu, and simply switch to a different desktop.

Notes for SwipePad:

Since SwipePad for Android is absolutely free and does not contain advertising, as monetization application developers have released several commercial add-ons that extend functionality.
MoreSpace ( Google Play ) - the most useful and popular addition, costs just 50 rubles, and increases the number of possible panels for the call, and increase or decrease the number of icons. With it, you can add as many panels in different corners of the screen.
Dynamic Pads ( Google Play ) - This option allows you to customize the output of three new panels: the latest running applications, processes, and with the last selected program. The first two points in part overlap with the standard function of multitasking, which is caused by a long press on the button "Home", but there are some advantages.
Of these panels, you can bring up a context menu for the current running time of the program, where it can be immediately removed to stop the process, request information, and the page on the store.
WidgetPad ( Google Play ) - This option allows you to, in addition to software installation, add widgets, which will open on top. It is very convenient to call these widgets as SwitshPro, which switches the various system settings (Wi-Fi, GPS, etc.). Also, a well-established way to install music widget that allows you to switch the music from the comfort of another application.


SwipePad - this is a very useful and high-quality app for Android, which allows you to create a few more of their desktop with shortcuts, programs and widgets. During the three days of the program, it has never failed, and, according to statistics, not consume memory and do not put the battery. Program of discharge MustHave!

Final ratings

Usefulness 10/10
Usability 10/10
Originality 10/10
Design 10/10
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