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Journal (by Journey)
Journal (by Journey)
Journal (by Journey)
Journal (by Journey)
Journal (by Journey)
Journal (by Journey)
Journal (by Journey)
Journal (by Journey)
Journal (by Journey)
Journal (by Journey)
Journal (by Journey)
Journal (by Journey)

Review Journal (by Journey)

Jay Feldman
Minimalist, interesting functionality
No custom themes or colors, old fashioned design, needs to be elaborated
Journal (by Journey) for Android is a GPS enabled personal diary for your gizmo. Tag locations, write about life's special moments and keep track of where and when you wrote them.
Journal (by Journey) is essentially just a notepad. It has very basic formatting and text input capabilities, but adds the novelty of geotagging. So if you're hiking in the Himalayas, you can take a moment to write down your thoughts and tag the precisely where you were when the moment happened. So in essence, this isn't just a journal for words and thoughts, but a veritable map of your life and activities too.
The interface is very clean and minimalist. I like the pared down feel, but the formatting and display options could use to be developed. You can make fonts larger, add basic italics, bold and stuff like that. But the interface feels far too sparse and doesn't live up to the innovation. As it is, it just looks like an ultra basic text editor.
The app is sorely lacking any customization options, like colored themes or even just the most basic of personalization capabilities. Journals are so hyper personal, that it seems odd to not let users even make the smallest of tweaks to their interface. The paid version adds night mode, but that's hardly much of an option.
The app functions well and I loved the print to PDF function. It makes it very easy to save and share entries, or print them later from another device. The maps had the usual GPS lags, but nothing out of the ordinary.
Journal (by Journey) is a nice idea but very basic. I think so much more could be done with the presentation. As it is, this would be very challenging to use on smaller screens and feels rather bland overall. But I enjoyed the concept and am curious to see how the app evolves.

Final ratings

Usefulness 9/10
Usability 7/10
Originality 8/10
Design 9/10
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