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Amazing AlexRovio Mobile Ltd.
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Released: 12 Jul 2012 Updated: 08 Jul 2013 Version: 1.0.4

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Alexander Vorobyev
Interesting brain teaser from Rovio
Reviewed by: Alexander Vorobyev(tested 13 Sep 2012)
Amazing Alex is an addictive brain teaser for Android that is based on physics. In this game you will need to help a little boy, who is a true smart aleck, solve various riddles involving many different materials at hand.
The game has been developed by one of the most famous studios ever, Rovio. Exactly like in other games, Amazing Alex features awesome and sweet graphics as well as mind-blowing tasks that train your wit.

Game play

In this game you will need to help Alex solve riddles by delivering baseballs, bowling balls, and even footballs to a box located somewhere on the map. It may sound easy, but some levels will take you lots of time and thinking to complete.
There are four episodes in this game—the classroom, backyard, bedroom, and treehouse—where you and Alex will need to clean up the mess. Use pipes, stands, scissors, ropes, and even more to transfer all balls to the box (or carry out any other task given) and collect stars. The more stars you collect, the faster you reach the next episode with more levels.
The controls are easy enough because you will need to place the items over the map and turn them around by swiping the screen. Then you will just need to tap Play button and all other items in the surroundings will fall and start interacting with it. Apart from many in-game levels, you can try playing weekly levels or create missions yourself and share them with friends.

Key features of Amazing Alex for Android:

  • Sweet Rovio-like graphics;
  • Easy controls;
  • Advanced physics;
  • Interactive environment;
  • Fancy soundtrack;
  • A lot of levels.
Amazing Alex for Android is a really exciting logic game and we believe that built-in ads are its only drawback. However, you can buy a full version for $2 and get rid of them.


This is a really awesome logic game that will make you use your brainpower 100% in order to achieve excellence and complete all challenging missions. Great job, Rovio!

Final grades

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphic 10/10
Sound 8/10

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