First Strike 1.1
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First Strike 1.1
First Strike 1.1
First Strike 1.1
First Strike 1.1
First Strike 1.1
First Strike 1.1
First Strike 1.1
First Strike 1.1
First Strike 1.1
First Strike 1.1
First Strike 1.1

Review First Strike 1.1

Jay Feldman
Neat animation, quality 3d graphics, responsive controls
Makes me uneasy, uses a lot of system resources, high difficulty
First Strike 1.1 for Android has a straight for the jugular concept: launch a nuclear weapons and annihilate earth, one country at a time. Anyone else feel their stomach in their throat?
First Strike 1.1 is highly successful at making me feel unnerved. Select the country you’d like to represent, then start building your nuclear arsenal. There’s cruse missiles to defend against incoming attack, and naturally, big’o long range missiles used to launch attacks. The game features a 3D realistic depiction of earth and our nearby solar system; literally just pick a target and let the game begin.
The game is highly developed and heavy on strategy. You can acquire allies, which increase your territory and the range of your missiles. You can also research new technology and work toward making that one mega weapon needed for mass annihilation. But even if you don’t build that ultimate weapon of mass destruction, you can still leave the imaginary version of our planet in radioactive ruin; so fret not, evil dictators in waiting.
It’s really hard to say this game was “fun;” sure, maybe in a horrific, evil supervillain sorta way. This game is like a gruesome car crash; you know you shouldn't look but just can’t help yourself. Worse still, some prepubescent gamer has the launch codes and is feeling a little trigger happy. Are we having fun yet?
The controls work fine. The graphics are excellent. The animation shoots for realism, so will appropriately turn your stomach as the mushroom clouds form. Textual graphics let you know how many millions have died and which countries have been left in ruin. What fun!! …*a-hem;* NOT!
First Strike 1.1 does what it set out to do, and did it very well. But please, oh mighty powers that be, please arrest anyone who gets a little too good at this game. I don’t even want to think about who might be ‘practicing’ with this app and using it as a simulator for who knows what evil plan. I was very intrigued by this game, but can honestly say, I will never play it again. Be afraid, be very afraid.

Final ratings

Gameplay 7/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 8/10
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