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Review Bloodstroke

Jay Feldman
Quality animation, quality graphics, interesting plot
Monotinous, needs to be elaborated, greedy donation system
Bloodstroke for Android is brought to you by film director, John Woo, though the game looks like a graphic novel by Frank Miller. The play is intriguing, but one dimensional and doesn't really go anywhere.
Bloodstroke is definitely worth a look for app aficionados and graphic novel fans. I assume there’s a movie to follow, as the story here is certainly as developed as any big budget Hollywood flick. Unfortunately, the game itself is a little static and boring the more you play it. Basically, you’re an assassin sorta character, and the twist, is she’s female and every bit as deadly. Your mission, is to protect some sort of brilliant scientist who is being hunted down by bad guys.
The game takes place in the streets of an urban underworld and presented from an aerial view, looking down on the streets below. You’re the bad ass chick in the bright red coat, and the scientist is the scared and jittery looking fellow following behind. As you run though he streets, bad guys appear and fire at the scientist. Kill the goons before they kill the scientist. Oh, and Run Lola Run. (her name’s not Lola, but it seemed apropos.)
The kills are graphic, with lots of blood spilling into the streets. The animation is very good and literally looks like a graphic novel come to life. The controls are decent but challenging; just a virtual joystick and a couple weaponry buttons. They work well enough but can be clumsy. The whole view of the game feels a little distant and I wish it had even the slightest of zoom, but I get that they wanted to show as much action on the streets as possible; it’s just a little like watching ants scurry.
The game killed my battery but was decent fun. It got a little boring though as the game progressed because it’s just more of the same, one round after another; run, shoot, spill blood; there’s literally no variance at all.
Bloodstroke is a decent game, but frankly, I found it insulting that they charged a premium to buy the app, and then want to sell you IAPs on top of that. Did I buy the game or didn't I? It's like selling me a movie ticket and then telling me the action sequences cost extra. As it is, the game has such little staying power that I really don’t think the IAPs are even worthwhile. If this does become a movie, it already looks like a Sin City rip off in cinematography and style. Frank Miller should be offended if he’s not involved, because they clearly borrowed from him rather heavily. Still, I reluctantly give this one Editor's Choice because I appreciate the artistry.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 9/10
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