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Battle Camp
Battle Camp
Battle Camp
Battle Camp
Battle Camp
Battle Camp
Battle Camp
Battle Camp
Battle Camp
Battle Camp
Battle Camp
Battle Camp
Battle Camp

Review Battle Camp

Vlad Popa
Plenty of monsters, multiplayer
Repetitive gameplay
Battle Camp is an awesome MMORPG, in which you, a young child, must set out in order to collect monsters, train them and then use them in battle to defeat your opponents. Collect as many badges as you can to become the ultimate Ranger and earn glory and the admiration of everyone. The world is a living place, with new monsters spawning, new players to meet and battle with and even plenty of quests to complete.
A great adventure must have everything, compelling characters, drama, great dialogue, etc. Even if those are missing, we do get an arch nemesis, and boy do we hate that guy. It may have been the snobbish way he introduced himself, or the flashy effects created as the character appeared, but either way I soon found myself compelled to make it my personal goal to see him defeated and humiliated.
Battles revolve around a match three puzzle style, only you are not limited to adjacent gems, instead the game allows you to drag one gem anywhere on the game board. Each gem issues an attack order to the appropriate monster. So for example combining three fire gems will make a fire type monster attack the targeted enemy. Bigger combos equal bigger attacks, with the added bonus of rare and legendary monsters having their own special abilities.
Overall Battle Camp for Android is an amazing game, with lots of content to explore and fun to be had. There are plenty of customization options for your character and of course tons of monsters to collect, which make possible some interesting team combination. If you prefer, why not battle your friends and family to prove your greatness? You can do all this and more in this great MMORPG.

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Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 9/10
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hernan_aragall88@hotmail.com14 Mar 2016, at 22:48
"your device isn't compatible with this version" Moto E 2generation
Brandon Girod
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