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Dark Way Down
Dark Way Down
Dark Way Down
Dark Way Down
Dark Way Down
Dark Way Down
Dark Way Down
Dark Way Down

Review Dark Way Down

Jay Feldman
Unusual plot, really addictive, one-finger controls
No hints, no real instructions
Dark Way Down for Android is a puzzler with a simple in concept that’s challenging to conquer – turn all the dark tiles light in a set number of moves.
Dark Way Down is Turn has an interesting, monochromatic presentation. The game is completely stripped bare of any frills and pleasantries, like instructions or rules that are explained; just hit play and figure it out. I guess the developers decided if you can’t figure out how to play, then you probably stand little chance at conquering this game. And they might be right.
Basically, there’s a little cartoonish bank robber kinda looking guy. He’s standing on a white square, and there’s nine squares them total in most of the puzzles. But some of the squares are black, and the objective is to turn them all white in a limited number of moves. The tricky part is, the tiles change colors every time you step on them, so you can inadvertently screw up any progress you've made and run out of moves before you have everything changed to white.
Things get interesting with how the robber kinda guy moves around the screen, because you can go in all different directions; including exiting off one edge of the screen, and then popping back in on the other. Some puzzles limit the path of movement in different ways to up the ante and keep each level uniquely challenging. The controls work nicely. The graphics are very sparse, but nicely done. The whole thing sorta has a film noir feel to it.
Dark Way Down is challenging and addictive. I think if you get past the first few levels, for sure you’ll be compelled to finish them all.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 8/10
Sound 8/10
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Thanks for the review Jay! Pop over and follow me on twitter so I can make sure you get a code for my new release this month. There is an online preview version as well if you want a sneak peek...
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