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Tariq Abdulla
Convenient interface, stylish design, no ads
Takes a while to buffer Studio for Android gives you streaming access to 287 yoga poses, and 37 predefined programs that are made up from these poses. The programs work by showing the poses one after another, with different timing durations. You can opt whether to play a video of the pose, or just have a picture of it with a voice-over explaining it. You can select from different programs based on their duration or difficulty level, or they are supposed to deliver particular benefits (backache, sleep, digestion, libido etc…) Then the idea is you just leave the program playing, and get into different positons by following what comes up on your phone.
The voice-overs in Studio for Android sound a bit artificial (sounds like text-recognition software to me), but are clear enough. It can also take a long time for the content to buffer if you aren’t on a fast connection. More annoyingly, there’s no useful information during the buffering (there could quite easily be a small diagram of the pose, so that you can get yourself into it).
Yoga is a great way to relax, get rid of any aches and pains you may have, and increase your flexibility. I started doing Yoga some years ago, for backache and running pain; just by stretching. Only later did I realise that many of the stretches I was doing were actually yoga positions.
So my approach to yoga is very much free-style, and to fit in a little bit here and there, when I have a chance. Studio has a lot to offer somebody who prefers to dedicate a period of time to yoga, and wants to be told what to do. So studio is a bit like having a trainer or going to a class, except it’s on your phone and you won’t get nearly as much encouragement. However, it is also quite useful just for flicking through the list of poses, to find some slightly more challenging ones to try next, and watch the video to see how it’s done.
Some people might find it handy if you could favourite particular poses in Studio, rather than just particular programs, and have a program generated out of your favourites. I think it would benefit from some kind of social integration, maybe via a fitness tracker like Endomondo, so that you could log yoga workouts alongside running and cycling etc. Maybe a way to tell your friends when you’ve successfully managed to get yourself into a particularly difficult position, like the inverted lotus?

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Usefulness 8/10
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Originality 10/10
Design 9/10
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not for IOS ?(((((
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