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Review lettrs

Tariq Abdulla
Simple interface, completely free, no ads
Non-intuitive interface, difficult to understand
Lettrs for Android allows you to write beautiful looking letters, which you can then either send digitally or pay to have posted as real physical letters. Rather than bombarding you with lots of customisation options, the lettrs app allows you to pick from a handful of preset styles; which will change the font and background all together. You can sign your letter using a fingertip (or capacitive stylus, or whatever), or you can use this feature to draw a little doodle at the end of your letter.
I’m impressed by how cheap it is to send physical letters, anywhere in the world, with the basic packages. For $2, plus $1 for outside the USA, you can send a basic quality letter, with an embossed seal, including one printed photo if you wish. For an extra dollar, you can send a “love letter” with a red envelope, Italian copper paper and scents by Estee Lauder or Burberry. $4-$6 will buy you better quality papers and two printed photos. For $20, you can have a package that includes a $10 Starbucks voucher. And for a very special occasion, you could pay a whopping $49 to have your letter “Hand-Scribed by a certified calligrapher.”
You can share your letters in all the usual digital ways, and lettrs also provides its own social networking platform, where you have a “fridge” that displays your public lettrs. I’m not so sure I see the advantages of this kind of digital letter writing – it has neither the instantaneity of instant messaging, nor the reliability of email. I find the physical letter sending by this app much more intriguing. $3 to send a letter with a printed photo anywhere in the world? Surely cheaper than normal postage. Getting photos printed, and then sending them to someone, can seem like such an effort in this day and age, that having this option to send just one or two really nice photos, with a nice little letter, is a really appealing option. I like the idea so much that I sent a letter this morning. It took only a few hours to get a confirmation email that it had been posted.
The lettrs app has a couple of weak points. There’s no indication about how fast your letter will be delivered. While I expect it to be pretty fast, it would help to at least have some idea. The method to attach photos has a rather misleading bit of text “Printed Photo Allowance (0)” that will make you worry about whether or not your photo is actually attached. I was sufficiently worried by it that I switched to the website version of lettrs to complete my order (the site and the app synch very fluidly). It would be very helpful to be able to save some addresses to speed things up a bit when checking out. Potentially lettrs could be a popular choice for sending out invitations, but it would be a hassle without the ability to save addresses. For the occasional love letter, or to cheer up a friend or relative living abroad, lettrs seems to be in a really perfect niche though. I can’t wait to see the physical product.

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