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Review Nuts!

Jay Feldman
Quality 3D graphics, exciting game play, really addictive, controls via g meter
High difficulty
Nuts! For Android is a new twist on a standard runner game. In this one, it's a squirrel running up a tree, and they must be redwoods because you’ll never reach the top.
Nuts! is a highly addictive, arcade style timekiller. You are a squirrel, and your mission is to run up that dang tree as fast and as high as you can go. Naturally, there are tree branches, and you have to avoid running into them or the little squirrel will plummet to his death. Collect acorns, picnic items and power ups along the way. Some of the power ups actually do more harm than good; sending the squirrel scurrying so fast, that it’s darn near impossible to not go cross eyed.
The controls are excellent; just tilt your gizmo to make the squirrel move left and right around the tree trunk. You can literally make yourself dizzy running in serpentine spirals up the trunk of this endlessly tall tree. You have to constantly bob and weave to dodge branches, collect items and climb higher. The squirrel never stops running, so there’s no real respite from the action; you just gotta go full tilt until that little squirrel invariably bonks his noggin and drops to his death.
The 3D style animation is fantastic. You really get a sense of movement, speed and perspective. This is the kind of game that could cause seizures and dizziness – in other words, hurry up and download it already, cuz it’s lotsa fun!
Nuts! is aptly named because it may well drive you nuts while playing it. Good luck not getting addicted to this one; at least until the room starts spinning, then puke your guts and face plant into it on the floor.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 9/10
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