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Cosmic Colony
Cosmic Colony
Cosmic Colony
Cosmic Colony
Cosmic Colony

Review Cosmic Colony

Sergei Petrov
The company Gameloft recently released another social game for Android, claiming to be the masterpiece in this genre. The game was called "Space Colony" and tells the story of the construction of a huge metropolis in the middle of an uninhabited planet.
It is surprising how often Gameloft has time stamp social games recently, we wrote to you about a similar game Monster Life . It is noteworthy that the game produced by a single genre of extremely dissimilar in everything except the idea, which is infinite construction and interaction with friends.

Features Cosmic Colony:

  • Detuning and constant development of the database;
  • Quests, tracking happiness inhabitants of the colony;
  • Space exploration and unidentified objects;
  • Built-in mini-game;
  • Connect with your friends and interact.
To make the game dynamic and entertaining, programmers from Gameloft went for quite a radical step: they have added to all the actions necessary for your reaction. For example, to build one single building, one always has to click on it, and the more of it falls out bonuses, which also raised by pressing.
And in this game so absolutely everywhere to implement any action necessary to push, push and push again. In the beginning, this approach even started to like me, but after five minutes it became clear that with this they have touched.
For the rest, this game - the typical social strategy for Android, which is necessary to build a lot of buildings, perform mini-tasks and to keep the availability of resources. If something will be missing, then Gameloft kindly offer to buy resources for real money. Donation system is built unobtrusively, and the game as a whole is not eager for your wallet, you can play freely and without cash infusions.
Still, in "Space Colony" has its own mini-game mechanic which was kindly borrowed from the Fruit Ninja . In it we will have to fend off space pirates, who, like fruit, it will be necessary to cut a finger while trying not to fall on its own fighters.


Space Colony - is a quality and well thought out social game, made with love. Spend time in it - very nice, especially because there is always something to do, and that ponazhimat.

Final ratings

Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 8/10
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