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Facebook Messenger
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Review Facebook Messenger

Jay Feldman
Interesting functionality, stylish design
Needs to be elaborated, glitches, is lagging
Facebook Messenger for Android is this social giant’s effort at joining the world of instant messaging. The app functions fairly well, but has some serious glitches at this time.
Facebook Messenger is just a natural progression for this social media behemoth. The app offers all of the connectivity and brand presence of Facebook and combines it with powerful instant messaging capabilities. I don’t use Facebook much, but from my limited exposure, I always found their messaging to be needlessly cumbersome. This app should help remedy that by adding the ability to easily communicate with all of your friends and followers with ease; or at least that’s the promise.
The best feature here, by far, is the innovative ‘chat heads’ which allows you to multitask and use other apps while still communicating live with friends. You can even make free phone calls over WiFi to any of your contacts. This all kinda points in the direction of Facebook mobile, and I’m guessing the company will soon branch out into mobile devices.
The app functions ok, but is definitely bogged down by glitches and hangs. I had problems logging in, right from the word go; the app said it couldn't establish an internet connection, then outright crashed. However, once inside the app, you can create groups based on categories like family, friends, coworkers, etc. However, push notifications don’t always appear right away and chat heads often boots you off while multitasking. But this app is still relatively new, so it’s going through some growing pains.
Facebook Messenger will undoubtedly become a cornerstone app. If you are a heavy Facebook user, I don’t see how you can avoid this one. The app is glitchy, but all that will be ironed out soon enough. And what we’ll be left with, is a highly powerful messaging app that integrates the whole of Facebook on your gizmo; complete with instant messaging, phone calls and free privacy invasion. Enjoy!

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Usefulness 9/10
Usability 7/10
Originality 7/10
Design 8/10
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Nice App
Boccaccio Britz
Best apk
Write a comment...Download a na
Write a comment...
i like face book and messenger especially instagram
Write a comment...How can I get messenger for nokia XL
Write a comment...I am very happy
How can I get messenger for nokia xl
Write a comment...u am happy
Sofyy sequad
Write a comment...
why i cant use the updated messenger with my day feature in my samsung galaxy pocket neo?
need this app
Hie how can i dnld face buk using nokia x2
just show how i can download
I am using a Nokia RM 1030 phone and I find I cannot log into interent as it indicates no internet connection but show 3G on the screen
Faraz Aqeel
Bradon I want to download fb messanger but it could't what happend ........my phone model is samsong Gt 19000 t ....
SAIFRAHMAN rabbani18 Dec 2016, at 12:33
Just show how I can download
martin aka sly cool
martin aka sly cool01 Dec 2016, at 10:26
I need to install massenger in my phone
ich möchte massenger in meinem Hand installieren
Max white
Ya this download button keeps bringing me back to this 1 so wat could the simple reason for dis so I go for Sir jo's comment
Write a comment...please i need to installed massenger on my phone. lenovo
Okams prince
please i need help on how to install facebook messenger on my phone, samsung GT-P1000
the messenger app on my nook tablet just quit working it is downloaded to my tablet but will not show up on my home page so I can access it
sirJo13 Jul 2016, at 04:48Samsung GT-S5300 Galaxy Pocket
your download button keeps redirecting me back to this page
mana03 Jun 2016, at 19:57LG GT540 Optimus
 mana oi bem ver quero ver nada quero sim
oi bem ver quero ver nada quero sim  
I need urgent help please, I have try download facebook messenger on HTC One, it login but never working, it doesn't login... it keeps complaining that the network is not good when the network is working very perfect for other applications... I have restart, refresh and even reset my HTC, but facebook messenger won't work, I need help please, computer genius
Brandon Girod
Has this issue persisted for several days? If not, it could be a temporary issue on Facebook's end. If not, I'd try to reinstall the app again or try a different connection, if you can. 
a man with atitude
how can i download fb messenger on my xiaomi note? it directs into google play but google play cannot function on this phone cause it has other app store.but sadly fb messenger is not available there thanks
Brandon Girod
You will need to install an apk to use it on your device. These files are basically packages the apps come in that your phone recognizes. We don't host apks on our site, so you'll need to seach Google. I'd also be wary about installing a third party apk because they could host viruses. 
Azus zenfone go is the worst phone i can't download messenger or any apps
Brandon Girod
Is it possible that your internet connection is what's giving you the problem?
la pantalla es muy pequeña y no puedo hacer video llamadas
Всем привет!
It sends me to google store and google store doesn't let me install it ! 
Brandon Girod
Do you know if Facebook Messenger is available in your country? 
It's not working on my Samsung Galaxy Young!   
Brandon Girod
Hey Mhaui, can you explain your issue in more detail? 
kinglennard16 Feb 2016, at 12:23Samsung GT-S5360 Galaxy Y
nice app guys 
Brandon Girod
Yep, makes messaging on Facebook super convenient. 
kinglennard16 Feb 2016, at 12:22Samsung GT-S5360 Galaxy Y
nice app just install it 
kinglennard16 Feb 2016, at 12:21Samsung GT-S5360 Galaxy Y
nice app  
zenfone 6
unfourtunately massenger has stopped on my  phone  how can i fix it
i cant download messenger to my samsung sgh-i997 it says its not compatible
Brandon Girod
Try searching for the app on your Play Store and see if it's compatible. Sometimes the links we have are region locked. 
how to download messenger in alcatel onetouch mobile phone
Tariq Abdulla
hmm, it sound's like a low spec phone, but you can try it - tap on "free version" above to go to the play store and try to download it. If it doesn't work, you can also do faceook messaging through your phone's browser (not the facebook app).
I go onto play store and wont go further, keeps asking for my email address, i type it in, it tells me thats not it, never mind choosing a compatible version, another 2 hours of my life i wont get back
Brandon Girod
Is it asking you to log into the play store to download the app? If you're trying to download the app via the Play Store web page in your browser then I would try searching for it through your Play Store app on your phone. You'll already be logged in and shouldn't have that issue. 
kinglennard16 Feb 2016, at 12:30Samsung GT-S5360 Galaxy Y
me too 
Tariq Abdulla
you do need a facebook account already set up in order to use the messenger app; do you have one? It's these log in details you need to use...
asus memopad running 5.0, there is no option for video calling? It only allows voice calls ?
Tariq Abdulla
facebook messenger does have video calling. Could the problem be with the person you are trying to call? Otherwise.... not sure why you wouldn't be able to do it....
how can I download facebook messenger for my samsung gslaxy pocket GTs 5300..?
I cannot download it..there is a problem with the server..how do I do it..?
Tariq Abdulla
hi there, did you click on "free version" above to go to the Play store where you can download this?
Barbara Naingwa
I can't download faces messenger, hw do I do it?
Tariq Abdulla
follow the link "free version" above, to go to the Play store, where you can download it
i download the messenger pero di sya maopen..pls help me
how can i install messenger to my  samsung galaxy tab GT-P1000 ? i dont have a google playstore 
i cant download the facebook messenger at my new sony xperia z2..always replied messenger could not be downloaded due to an error (194)
Tariq Abdulla
this one can be due to updates, either removing updates, or updating the Play app may help. If you have multiple play accounts, you could try using a different one
Conde G.
Where can I get the old version of fb messenger?
Conde G.
several times I reintall it via Google Play but still the same
Conde G.
after upgrade of messenger ,did not work anymore on my NOKIA XL
I have samsung gtp 100O my tab have no instale google play I want to install face book massenger calling but not install plz help me
Tariq Abdulla
you could try downloading it from another source, just search "facebook messenger android"
I can't open messenger on nokia x. what should I do? Before I had it but then my friend deleted it and now I can't use it plz help me    
Tariq Abdulla
You may just need to reinstall it. Simply tap on the "free version" link above to go to the play store and download it
I downloaded it thank you so much 
sourabh meena
its nice its very nice
ieman putra
gak bisa di akses dah sukses download tpi tidak muncul di layar menu
i cannot open this app on my samsang gt b5512 .so plz help me
Vlad Popa
What exactly prevents you from launching the app? Please be as descriptive as possible and make sure to include any error messages displayed.
Is it compatible with sony xperia x10 mini pro? (2.1(update1) android)
Vlad Popa
I believe the app requires a newer version of Android in order to install. In order to check with 100% accuracy, you can attempt to install the app and see if Google Play indicates any incompatibilities.
hello..i hve asus zenphone 5 ,..m not able see shared pics in messenger...
I cannot Make Calls Via this App becoz the Call icon is not present at all !!! HELP
Analyn Manzano
thi apps does not install into my phone why
Vlad Popa
I'm afraid I will require more information. What exactly is the issue that prevents the app from installing? Please be as descriptive as possible and include any error messages displayed.
Also, please always mention your device model and OS version when requesting assistance.
this application have not sign out option
yasir khan
thise messenger doesnot install my into my phone why?plz sol my problem
Vlad Popa
Firstly please mention what device model and OS version you are using so the information i provide is accurate.
Secondly please mention the issue in greater detail. Does the app download correctly? Is any error message displayed during download or installation? If so what is the error.
Mohammad Baseer
Dear sir how i download it plz give me download link...
ronamay curugan
sir how can i open my facebook messager i make new acc for google but can't work
Vlad Popa
I'm not sure i understand the issue. Are you having trouble downloading the issue or launching? If it is download related issues then when attempting to install, make sure you are logged in with the same Google account on your PC and your Device before attempting to launch the installation from the PC. If Google play indicates that your device is incompatible then i'm afraid there is nothing we can do, you will have to wait and see when/if compatibility with your device is added.
For the record: please always mention what device and OS version you have before requesting assistance. This will help make sure that all information provided is as accurate as possible.
deepak sharma
,please i went help my phone is not working facebook messanger call ,its not showing calling smbol on the top ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  please help me how to call in facebook messanger my number ***  please help me please
Vlad Popa
Firstly, i strongly advise against posting your real number on public comments and forums.
Secondly, i believe you can only use the Facebook Messenger to call other people who have the Facebook Messenger app and have set up the calling option. Can you please confirm that the person you are trying to call has these set up and is online?
I am facing problem of call failed from Facebook messenger.i have Huawei Ascend G730.I have purchased a new one and i am facing this problem
runzy gift
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