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Let it Goat
Let it Goat
Let it Goat
Let it Goat

Review Let it Goat

Tariq Abdulla
Can be played without in-app purchases, neat animation, addictive game play
High difficulty
Let it Goat for Android is a platform game in which you tap to jump a running goat over spikes and zombies. Your highscore is determined by the number of spikes or zombies you have jumped over.
Let it Goat really captures the essence of a running/jumping goat. The goat runs quickly, and then kicks with its hind legs, so that it jumps in a bit of an unusual arc, that takes some getting used to. Because the goat comes down quite sharply, it’s hard to predict whether you are going to just miss the edge of a platform, or fall on a spike; making it a very intense and addictive game. It’s also difficult to avoid ramming head first into a wall.
The music is appropriately very “goaty”. The sun passes overhead as you run, and as the sun sets the music turns “goaty-zombish”, and spikes are replaced with the living dead. The graphics are deliberately retro and pixelated, and there are amusing little animations of being eaten alive, smacking into walls, or being impaled on big spikes.
There are quite a lot of ads in Let it Goat, which include the odd video you have to watch, but I still wouldn’t call them overly-intrusive. For an extra chance during a run, you can ride on a bear, who will take the first hit for you. These can either be obtained freely by waiting and collecting gems, or as an optional in-app purchase. The levels appear to be randomly generated, which keeps the game interesting, but does mean that there may be occasional points where it is really impossible to get through.
Finally, Let it Goat records a video of your run, so that when you are finally “in the zone”, and complete an all-time epic highscore, you can show off to all your friends via social networks. This is a really nice feature.

Final ratings

Gameplay 9/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 10/10
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