Fish Out Of Water!
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Fish Out Of Water!
Fish Out Of Water!
Fish Out Of Water!
Fish Out Of Water!
Fish Out Of Water!
Fish Out Of Water!
Fish Out Of Water!
Fish Out Of Water!
Fish Out Of Water!
Fish Out Of Water!
Fish Out Of Water!
Fish Out Of Water!
Fish Out Of Water!
Fish Out Of Water!
Fish Out Of Water!

Review Fish Out Of Water!

Vlad Popa
Perfect soundtrack, quality game design, addictive game play
Could use a deeper story
Fish out of water is all about unusual group of fish, that appear to greatly enjoy spending time out of the water. Your goal is to throw three of the six available fish in a such a way that they either travel very high, very far or bounce off the surface of the water as many times as possible. What’s so fun about a group of fish, you may ask? Well for one thing, it’s the fact that each one has individual properties. For example, Finlay, the dolphin, does not bounce off the surface of the water, instead swims underwater for a short time and leaps out. For Finlay the trick is not to throw him as high as some of the others as he will hit the bottom of the sea and lose momentum. Others such as the blow-fish bounce very easily off the surface.
The game is filled with comic relief at every turn, such as crabs that act as judges, each one having his own personality, or a tiny clam that tells you some interesting fishy facts or fishy tips. Even the objectives are fun to complete in this game as they add quite a bit of challenge and diversity to it. For example throwing a fish so that it travels a certain distance without going over a height limit was an interesting twist.
Fish out of Water for Android is an incredibly amusing little game. It touches all the right points: comic relief, interesting mechanics, fun gameplay and cute design. It has plenty of things to keep it interesting like a bonus crafting mechanic, which allows you to add a little extra to your rounds. Another nice feature that makes the game so interesting is the weather patterns which spice things by adding gusts of wind that can be helpful or detrimental.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 10/10
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