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Superfrog HD
Superfrog HD
Superfrog HD
Superfrog HD
Superfrog HD
Superfrog HD
Superfrog HD
Superfrog HD
Superfrog HD
Superfrog HD

Review Superfrog HD

Jay Feldman
Decent graphics, interesting levels, decent game play
Uninspired, uses a lot of system resources, very common
Superfrog HD for Android is another Mario Brothers style clone, but this time, with a frog. It’s cute, just not very interesting.
Superfrog HD is a perfectly competent game about a prince who was turned into a frog, and must now save the princess from the evil witch…. Yaaaaawn…in short, not an ounce of originality or inspiration going on here.
The play is decent; you’re a frog with a red flowing Superman cape, and your mission is to run around the side scrolling enchanted forest and gather, you guessed it – coins – while avoiding enemies crawling and flying about in your way. Work through each maze, level by level, and then presumably rescue your princess and break the tadpole spell cast upon you. Again, it’s all very competent, however, a completely uninspired clone that borrows from a mish-mash of fairy tales and original video games that knew how to use inspiration as a building block to create something great.
The controls are decent; just tap the screen to move left and right or to jump. This is a frog, so the jumps are appropriately buoyant and high. The graphics are decent and moderately interesting, and the animation is relatively smooth. The play did drain my battery and tax the system resources though.
Superfrog HD is a perfectly fun game for kids or anyone who isn't completely bored by Mario clones. Playing a clone is fine, but there still needs to be something original about it; just changing the characters and making a retread of what’s already been done so you can earn some pocket change won’t get you far in my book.

Final ratings

Gameplay 6/10
Story 6/10
Graphics 7/10
Sound 7/10
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