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Review Bounden

Tariq Abdulla
Get tied up while dancing, unusual game play, controls via g meter, no ads
More hints needed
Bounden for Android is a cooperative two player dancing game where dancers hold opposite ends of the screen, and attempt to move around gracefully so as to hit targets on a sphere that appears on the screen. Unless both of you know exactly what you are meant to be doing, what actually happens is you end up getting tied up in awkward positions (a bit like that classic game Twister), and maybe spraining your wrists a bit.
But the awkwardness is a good thing, and should be the key point on which Bounden is marketed. But to watch the promotional videos, you would think that Bounden is all about teaching you how to do elegant Ballet dancing. It doesn’t do this; so if you were looking for a Ballet tutorial, you are in the wrong place. That said; the elegant-looking tutorial videos may provide a much-needed, highbrow cover for the individual whose real, frustrated, intentions are to get just a bit closer to a certain somebody; if only for a few minutes.
What Game Oven have done with Bounden is created a socially acceptable, entirely non-creepy way for geeks to ask other geeks to dance. Without even asking each other to dance! They’ve made it so that, even when the geeks look totally awkward dancing, it simply appears to be an intentional part of the fun. This is nothing short of a goldmine, and represents the first real innovation in awkward party games for decades.
Bounden is visually appealing, and the music goes nicely with a bit of slow contorted dancing. You progressively unlock harder dances as you go through, and after a few times you get more of an idea of the kind of moves you can use to “dance successfully” in the game. Bounden could really do with a bit more in the way of on-screen visual tips for how to move successfully. But overall it’s really original, great fun to play, and certainly worth the $4 asking price for a casual way to dance with somebody; or get to get people dancing.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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