Commandr for Google Now
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Commandr for Google Now
Commandr for Google Now
Commandr for Google Now
Commandr for Google Now
Commandr for Google Now
Commandr for Google Now
Commandr for Google Now
Commandr for Google Now
Commandr for Google Now
Commandr for Google Now
Commandr for Google Now
Commandr for Google Now
Commandr for Google Now
Commandr for Google Now
Commandr for Google Now

Review Commandr for Google Now

Vlad Popa
Nice hands free functionality, easy to use
Needs more commands added in order to be truly useful
Commandr for Google Now is an app that integrates with Google Now and adds several voice commands such as turning on and off the flashlight, or wifi and skipping songs, thus freeing your hands for other tasks. A very nifty app indeed, especially in situations that require your hands to perform other tasks, such as driving. It works like this: after an initial setup, every time you use Google Now and at the start of a note add “note to self” the command will be sent to the app, which will in turn tell your phone to perform the appropriate action.
There are relatively few commands at the moment with more planned in the future, but those commands that do exist work really well with the device responding swiftly to any order given. The beauty is you can customize what voice command performs what action, so if you want to, for whatever reason say “spaghetti” in order to go to the previous song, you can! All you have to do is open up the app, tap the menu button and in the commands section set up what words do you want to perform what action. While Google Now is great at voice recognition, it does, on rare occasions, fail to recognize a command, which does sometimes cause Commandr to be unable to process your request.
Overall Commandr for Android is a great little tool if you often need to use your device without the use of your hands. Otherwise it can be installed and forgot about, only using it on those occasions where you actually need it. This is one of those apps that I am really looking forward to see it evolve. The current actions that the app can perform are fine, however I am eagerly waiting to see what new commands will be added and see how they will influence the way I use my devices.

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Usefulness 8/10
Usability 9/10
Originality 8/10
Design 9/10
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