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Super Pixelander
Super Pixelander
Super Pixelander
Super Pixelander
Super Pixelander
Super Pixelander
Super Pixelander
Super Pixelander

Review Super Pixelander

Tariq Abdulla
Atmospheric graphics, unusual game play, simple controls
Gets boring quickly
Super Pixelander for Android puts you in control of a pixelated lunar lander on the surface of a hostile alien planet. The objective is to collect gems that appear at random above the surface of this planet, while at the same time avoiding all the asteroids, lazers, missiles and fireballs that start flying around in the atmosphere. You can destroy the asteroids with weapons that fire out of your spacecraft, every time you use thrust.
The controls of Super Pixelander are simple. You tilt your device to turn your lander from side to side, and touch the screen to use the thrust, which also fires your weapon at the same time. Your weapon will change everytime you collect a new spacegem, and new weapons will be unlocked in the game as you score bigger highscores. Some of the weapons fire only from behind the lander, some out of the sides, and some offer 360 degree protection. Eventually, there won’t be any more weapons to unlock, and you will begin unlocking different headwear. At a certain point, lava starts rising up on the surface of the planet.
The retro pixelated graphics in Super Pixelander are colourful and appealing, once you understand what the different objects represent. The clouds of smoke, and the explosions when your craft is hit by something, are visually stunning. The soundtrack is a thumping dubby 8-bit tune, that matches the beeping-blasting sound effects well. It’s a short loop though, with an obvious gap, and becomes annoying with extended play. Super Pixelander tries very hard to get you to connect your Google account, to share highscores etc., but stops short of actually forcing you. It’s a fun little game to play, simple to control, and is perfect for short bursts of gaming.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 7/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 7/10
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