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Review Grabbity

Tariq Abdulla
Unusual game design, controls via g meter, interesting physics
Repetitive music, kills your battery
Grabbity for Android is a platform game in which you change the direction of gravity by tilting your device through different angles. All of the levels are self-contained (supposedly a series of underground burrows), so that as you turn your device, walls or ceilings suddenly become floors. You play a series of rabbit-like creatures called “Grabbians” (or maybe it’s just one Grabbian who keeps coming back to life?) In each level you guide the Grabbian from one entrance door to an exit, via all sorts of gravity-related obstacles and challenges.
Some levels in Grabbity feature a continuous loop, and it’s possible to tilt around such that you never touch any sides. But doing this means you quickly pick up speed, so that when you do hit a side you’ll die. There’s also lots of spikes to watch out for. So you need to plan the levels out like a puzzle. Or you could just go for it in a confused sliding-free-falling-hand-twisting frenzy and hope for the best.
There are often buttons on the floors/ceilings/walls that control pillars which move in a way that can crush the Grabbian. You may need to unlock the pillars the right sequence using the weight of either your character or one of the boulders that also rolls around according to the constantly changing gravity. There may be boulders locked away in separate areas that you need to roll onto buttons, while also watching out for the safety of your Grabbian. The levels get progressively more complicated. But there is no real penalty for dying; a new (or the same?) Grabbian simply reappears at the entrance door of the level.
There are a couple of moves you can do (tap to jump, hold to grab on), but they are not often really needed for completing a level. I love the fact that there seems to be a triple wordplay in the name Grabbity: grab, rabbit, gravity! Grabbity tends to exit if you look at something else on your phone, which is probably a sensible move to conserve system and battery resources. But Grabbity is a bit of a battery-eater all the same. The sound will drive you crazy if you forget to mute it, but the animations of the character sliding about are very detailed and fun. Grabbity is a very original concept, which is always a huge plus in my view. Just watch out for repetitive strain injury from twisting your phone around and around!

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 9/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 6/10
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