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Pinball Deluxe
Pinball Deluxe
Pinball Deluxe
Pinball Deluxe
Pinball Deluxe
Pinball Deluxe
Pinball Deluxe
Pinball Deluxe
Pinball Deluxe

Review Pinball Deluxe

Tariq Abdulla
Quality sound, every level brings something new, true-to-life physics, ads are not confusing
Not as thrilling as real pinball
Pinball Deluxe for Android is a pinball game that offers six different tables. The tables are each very unique, and offer something original to the basic pinball concept. They also incorporate many of the classic features that have always made pinball such an exciting arcade game, including multiballs, mushroom bumpers, drop targets, highscores, dot matrix display, multiplier bonuses etc.
My favourite table is Brix Arcade, which pays homage to the classic Atari game Breakout (and other games since where the objective is to break bricks with a ball). Here, of course, the ball is the pinball, and smashing all the blocks will unlock a new level in the table. The background will change, and a new pattern of blocks will appear; making it a multi-level table in its own right. I’m not sure how many levels there are; but it's at least 5.
Other cool tables include Diving For Treasure – which is much, much longer than a traditional table. The view moves up and down the table following the ball, and there are flippers at different places all the way up the table. In the Carnival table, there’s a small section in the middle called mirror house. If you get inside there, you’ll be playing pinball in a very small area, upside down! In Space Frontier, there’s a bumper that you move backwards and forwards with your flipper buttons.
There will always be a special place in my heart for pinball; and I used to be a bit of a wizard. Maybe I’m getting old-fashioned now, but I feel like it’s impossible to recreate quite the same thrill on a flat screen. For adults, Pinball Deluxe may well bring back some fond memories, as it is probably one of the closest pinball apps to the real-life pinball machines. For me, it was how you could get the plastic T-Rex to actually lean over and eat your ball in Jurasic Park pinball. I’m sure that kids will love this game just as much, and it will be excellent practice for the next time they come across a pinball machine.
Minor issues: the flipper buttons are too close to your phones capacitive buttons, so it is easy to pause the game by accident. Apart from this, Pinball Deluxe is an excellent free game, with ads that can be removed with the paid app. If you’re a pinball wizard yourself, there is an online highscore to aim for. If you feel confused about anything, from pause you can visit the website, where the rules for each table are explained in full. This is very useful.

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Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 10/10
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