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Farm Heroes Saga
Farm Heroes Saga
Farm Heroes Saga
Farm Heroes Saga
Farm Heroes Saga
Farm Heroes Saga
Farm Heroes Saga
Farm Heroes Saga

Review Farm Heroes Saga

Tariq Abdulla
Completely free, quality game design, lots of levels, really addictive, no ads
Very common
Farm Heroes Saga for Android is a Match 3 Puzzle Game from the makers of the insanely popular Candy Crush Saga. This game has a rather more wholesome appearance than previous titles, being based on smiling fruits and vegetables, rather than candy. But Farm Heroes Saga is every bit as addictive as its sugar-sweet forebear.
The graphics in Farm Heroes Saga are very polished and appealing. The vegetables bounce happily while waiting for you to move them around. It’s not too difficult, at least in early levels, to move something around such that you harvest a huge amount in one go (this can happen when a move gets concatenated, with further items matching up and disappearing and so on). When this happens, you are rewarded with big firework bursts, and “Awesome” or “Farmtastic”. This will really make you pretty good at the game, even if you achieved this amazing move by pure accident. The sound effects are cute. In particular, each type of item makes a different kind of “whoop” or “whee” when you collect it. Thankfully, the music can be switched of independently.
In each level you will have a limited number of moves to collect certain numbers of particular items. This adds a new twist to this classical type of game. As every Facebook user knows already, the game will implore you to share your farmtastic results with the social network (please don’t!) There are a lot of levels in this game, with plenty to keep even the most frantic player busy for many, many hours. There are sure to be a huge number of permutations and twists in Farm Heroes Saga as you progress through the levels. If this is your sort of game, or if you are totally new to the genre, you should definitely try it out.

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Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 9/10
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I have had Farm Heroes on my nook for a few years and all of a sudden it has stopped running.  I can still access it from my phone and PC....????  I uninstalled and reinstalled.  I even did a factory reset on my nook.  Still nothing.  
Brandon Girod
Hmm, not sure what else you can do at this point. My only other advice is to try and clear the data and your cache in your Play Store, reboot your device and download the app again.
I have uninstalled and reinstalled several times. I've cleaned off several apps even though it shows I have plenty of memory and room on my nook and it still won't open. Just goes back to "unfortunately, farm heroes saga has stopped".  What is wrong with it?  It opens up on my computer and opens up on my phone. Only my Nook HD am I having this problem with!
Brandon Girod
Hmm, not sure what else you can do at this point. My only other advice is to try and clear the data and your cache in your Play Store, reboot your device and download the app again.
Same with me.  Still no reply from Band N???
David prentice
How can I make it compatible when it was already on this device
Brandon Girod
I'm not quite sure what you mean. Do you have the app already downloaded on your phone?
Why is this app not compatible with my Polorid phone?
Brandon Girod
That's unfortunately not a question we can answer. One way around compatibility issues is by downloading the apk file from a safe website. Sometimes apps are blocked based on region, phone, service provider, or Android version. 
Eu nul pot descarca cica nu e compatibil detin o tableta alcatel onetouch poate face ceva
Why can't I download to my Acer
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