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Gif Me! Camera
Gif Me! Camera
Gif Me! Camera
Gif Me! Camera
Gif Me! Camera
Gif Me! Camera
Gif Me! Camera
Gif Me! Camera

Review Gif Me! Camera

Tariq Abdulla
Various features, simple interface, ads are not confusing
No feature to trim the GIF, longer recordings might be useful
Gif Me! Camera for Android is convenient application for making animated GIFs with the front or rear camera on your phone. So GIF-selfies are a possibility. GIFs are the most widely used image format that supports animation. There may be some particular reasons why you want to use GIFs: because the files are smaller than video files for example. It’s also the most foolproof way to put “video” in a Powerpoint presentation, for example (because GIFs are images, there’s no need for external files). Or the fact that they play and loop automatically may be an advantage if you want to share some funny little clips. Sharing options include email, Twitter and Flickr, and you can also save the GIF.
One thing to perhaps mention upfront is, at this time, Facebook doesn’t actually support animated GIFs. So if you try to post one of these GIFs to Facebook using the app, instead you are just going to get a static image. This is likely to disappoint a lot of people, but is not a fault of the app. There is a workaround, which involves uploading the GIF first to Giphy, and then from Giphy to Facebook.
If you want to make “video” GIFs, what are the alternatives to using an app like Gif Me! Camera? Well, you could take a video, and then use an app or online service to convert the video to GIF format. This has the advantage that you can film a longer section, and then select the part you want. Or you could shoot some continuous images with your camera, and convert these to GIF. But it is extra work, and having extra files might be an annoyance.
Gif Me! Camera also features a selection of filters, including Black & White, Sepia and a whole bunch of “soft touch” instagrammy type filters, that may make your videos look better. You can adjust the speed, or make it play backwards. By default the GIFs have a “Gif Me!” watermark, but you can simply turn this off. Gif Me! Camera for Android is very easy to use, so if you want to make GIFs with the cameras on your phone (either for silly or serious purposes) this will be a really handy app to have.

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Usefulness 9/10
Usability 9/10
Originality 7/10
Design 9/10
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