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Review Maps

Vlad Popa
Completely free, insanely usefull, easy to use, tons of features
No significant shortcomings
In the recent years society has become increasingly dynamic, moving at greater speeds and over greater distances. In the past paper maps were more than sufficient to guide you on journeys and across vast distances. In recent years however the need for a universal map that is available to almost anyone instantly has led to the creation of Google Maps, an invaluable tool that makes use of the awesome satellite imaging introduced by Google to create the ultimate map system.
Packed full with features, Google Maps for Android is the perfect travelling companion in almost every situation. Capable of planning travel routes, whether on foot, by car, or by bus. It even integrates an awesome GPS feature with step by step instructions. The app also offers useful information about your route: distance, time to reach the destination and even traffic disruptions (tolls, construction work, etc.). The app can even calculate alternative routes based on certain criteria such as: traffic, avoiding highways and others. Another nice feature that Google was nice enough to integrate is the layer system. From the layer menu, found on the left side of the screen, you can choose what information the map displays and even how the map looks. Do you want the app to display elevation? Perhaps you want to see traffic status, or see the map as actual satellite photos. The app can do all this and much more.
Overall there is a reason it comes pre-installed on almost all devices. Anyone who has used Google maps knows how useful it is. To those who have not yet had the chance to use the app, i strongly recommend it, after all it integrates the awesome search engine we all know and love and can guide you easily to almost any destination (even to that quaint little pastry shop you've heard is hidden on some back alley, but were never able to actually locate).

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Usefulness 10/10
Usability 10/10
Originality 9/10
Design 10/10
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