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Holo Countdown
Holo Countdown
Holo Countdown
Holo Countdown
Holo Countdown
Holo Countdown
Holo Countdown
Holo Countdown

Review Holo Countdown

Tariq Abdulla
Functions quickly, convenient interface, minimalist design
Needs to be elaborated
Holo Countdown for Android lets you set up some very quick countdowns on your device that will tell you how long you have to wait for various events with an accuracy of seconds. The free version is limited to two countdowns, and has the widgets disabled, but the full version is only $1. It’s an extremely responsive and fast app, and has a bright clean appearance. The way that you enter dates and times is fun and easy. You can also import events from what you may already have in any calendars on your device. If you want always have something to look forward to, and be able to see how close it is getting, Holo Countdown could be a good app for you.
There are a choice of widgets in the full version of Holo Countdown, including a list and one with 3D windows you can swipe through. There are plenty of customisation options if you really want to get the appearance your widget just-so. You can add images to events so that you have a visual reminder as well.
There are a couple of things that I feel still need a bit of tweaking in Holo Countdown. For example, in some views, if there is less than one day, it is still reported as “1 Day”, even if the event may just be a few minutes away. I’ve seen some strange grammar in the notifications; like “Meeting is about to happened”. The “share” feature sometimes doesn’t bring anything up, sometimes just the text “I’m counting down the days until…”
It would perhaps be better if Holo Countdown generated some kind of picture of your countdown to share. These little issues aside, if you’re the sort of person who is already counting down the days until Christmas, you are probably going to like having Holo Countdown on your device. It will save you the effort of actually counting days down, and show you plenty of things to look forward to at once.

Final ratings

Usefulness 8/10
Usability 8/10
Originality 8/10
Design 8/10
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