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Aldiko Book Reader
Aldiko Book Reader
Aldiko Book Reader
Aldiko Book Reader
Aldiko Book Reader
Aldiko Book Reader
Aldiko Book Reader
Aldiko Book Reader
Aldiko Book Reader
Aldiko Book Reader
Aldiko Book Reader
Aldiko Book Reader
Aldiko Book Reader
Aldiko Book Reader
Aldiko Book Reader
Aldiko Book Reader
Aldiko Book Reader
Aldiko Book Reader
Aldiko Book Reader

Review Aldiko Book Reader

Jay Feldman
Lots of settings, stylish design
Very common, is lagging
Aldiko Book Reader for Android is a decent e-reader app with a good feature set and usability. The presentation is modern, but uninspired.
Aldiko Book Reader is a very competent e-reader, however, it doesn't really offer much unique from other apps like this. The menu design is appealing and I do like the bookshelf presentation. You can also adjust your library so it displays via author, most recent, and the usual display options virtually every competent reader app offers. Navigating libraries is relatively smooth, but did lag often. Book shopping was also pleasant, but laggy. It appears that every major title is here, however, at a slightly higher price than compared to the large competitors.
The app has the ability to open PDFs and add them to your library; however, it was very glitchy while viewing these files. Several features that should be stock are only available in the paid version, like text highlighting. But I did appreciate the availability of options like text sizing, magnifier and day/night modes.
Aldiko Book Reader is decent but uninspired. I’m hard pressed to see why anyone would want to use a no-name brand reader app when Google Play Books and Amazon Kindle have such a heavy market presence. However, if you’re looking for a competent alternative, Aldiko Book Reader is certainly a viable option; just not a very interesting one.

Final ratings

Usefulness 8/10
Usability 7/10
Originality 5/10
Design 7/10
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I keep getting the message that there is not enough space on my phone to install the Aldiko Book Reader. But there is nothing on my sd card but a few photo's. The phone memory still has 28 MB free and the sd card over 7.5 GB. What can I do?
Vlad Popa
Firstly please always mention what device you are using when requesting assistance, it helps me provide accurate information.
Secondly an app will always install directly to your device, unless set to do otherwise. Please clear some space and attempt again. Even though the app indicates that it only requires 11 MB it may require additional files and will certainly require some space for it to function, not to mention space that should always be available on your device for it to function properly.
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