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Weaphones™ Gun Simulator Free
Weaphones™ Gun Simulator Free
Weaphones™ Gun Simulator Free
Weaphones™ Gun Simulator Free
Weaphones™ Gun Simulator Free
Weaphones™ Gun Simulator Free

Review Weaphones™ Gun Simulator Free

Tariq Abdulla
Quality sound, decent animation, quality graphics
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Weaphones for Android is a simulator for a handful of weapons, with a very large arsenal available in the paid version. Like real weapons, all the weapons in the game have safety catches, and seeing as nobody ever reads the instructions, part of the fun is trying to work out where and what to tap so that you can prepare weaphone ready for firing. Many of them require loading as well, or have options to select between automatic and single round.
The grenade is particularly fun, as it requires two steps to pull out the pin, and then you get a five countdown (with beeps) before it explodes. This is good fun with children of a certain age; if you are not adverse to having your phone thrown around like a grenade! (A protective case is probably a good idea.) Why not install Weaphones on lots of devices, and have a full scale living room war? Well for one thing, I have not yet found any other adults who were willing to have their phones abused in this way… it’s very strange…
The sound effects are really good, which is very important, and it is rewarding figuring out how to use different guns; even though there is no greater objective. You could also set off the grenade, drop it on somebody’s desk, and then run for cover. They’ll have no idea what hit them! So if you enjoy pretending to shoot your friends, or letting off the occasional grenade; or if you just want to carry a few weapons around on your phone for self-protection; Weaphones for Android is the app for you.

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Gameplay 8/10
Story 8/10
Graphics 9/10
Sound 10/10
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