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PocketBook Reader
PocketBook Reader
PocketBook Reader
PocketBook Reader
PocketBook Reader
PocketBook Reader
PocketBook Reader
PocketBook Reader

Review PocketBook Reader

Tariq Abdulla
Powerful functionality, stylish design, completely free
Non-intuitive interface
PocketBook Reader for Android is a lightweight eBook and PDF reader, which supports books in a wide range of formats, offers support for Adobe DRM. It features a very wide range of customisation options, with a cool user interface controls that are a joy to slide and play around with.
It includes an integrated store called BookLand, which has titles available in a range of languages, and two Network Libraries that include thousands of free as well as paid for books. On installation PocketBook Reader will automatically search for appropriate files on your device, bringing up lots of downloaded PDFs you probably didn’t realise you still had. This is quite useful, but be aware that deleting these through the app will delete them from your file system. (If you haven’t seen these PDFs in a long time, this might be exactly what you want!)
With PocketBook Reader you can make annotations in the form of notes and coloured highlights. These annotations are stored in PocketBook Reader so that you can view them the next time you look at the eBook or file using the app. Furthermore, PocketBook Reader will store not only your viewing and colour preferences, but also the exact location where you stopped reading each file; so that it automatically opens up where you left off.
Overall, PocketBook Reader is full-featured and fun to use. Books can be read both vertically and horizontally, as you might expect. You can change the brightness, text colours, crop pages, take screenshots of selected areas, change the animation of page flipping, read in continuous fullscreen scrolling mode, use greyscale night mode, search through the text in files, search Google for selected text, and even translate selections with a specific third party dictionary installed (ABBYY Lingvo).
It would be a bonus if other services like Google Translate could be used for this function as well, and those wishing to use the reader for research would benefit from the ability to search through the text in their annotations, as well as the main text in the file.

Final ratings

Usefulness 9/10
Usability 7/10
Originality 7/10
Design 8/10
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Paul Schuster
I like it but can't figure out where the hell the instruction book is. I am trying to set a bookmark. rated low only because of lack of documentation.
I have downloaded the app on my android and am not sure how to use certain features, e.g. bookmarks.  is there an "instruction manual" somewhere.
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