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Review Cardboard

Jay Feldman
Interesting functionality, modern design, completely free
Functions slowly, lags here and there
Cardboard for Android is both cool and silly. It essentially turns your phone into a 3D ViewMsaster. The catch is, you gotta build it yourself.
Cardboard is seemingly another one of those cool Google experiments, just because. Get a box or piece of cardboard, fold it up to make a pair of goggles, insert your phone and then hold it up to your face like a ViewMaster. The app has a very cool opening animation that walks you through the steps of construction. Only thing is, the video makes it look like there’s some sort of official kit; ironically, I Googled it for more details and nothing was found!Talk about tease!
The app has a bunch of viewable gimmicks, the coolest of which being 3D You Tube, Google Earth Fly Anywhere, Exhibits, Street View Paris in traffic and even a view of Earth. Is any of it really necessary? No but they’re fun to look at. The 3D illusion happens by placing 2 identical images side by side on your screen. Hold the phone close to your face and when you cross your eyes, the identical images combine into one. The illusion is pretty effective but making the box looks like a pain. I just held my tablet to my face and crossed my eyes and the effect worked well enough.
Cardboard would make a cool school project or crafty sorta activity. Kids will love it. It’s innovative and fun. Not sure what good this will be, but it's fun for an experimental timekiller.

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Usefulness 6/10
Usability 8/10
Originality 9/10
Design 6/10
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Not compatible with my Sony Experia E5
Is google cardboard is compatible for Samsung Galaxy note 3 neo model SM-N750?
my phone is oppo joy r1001, and i have already installed cardboard apk, thanks to this web's admin. we know that gyroscope sensor is needed and when i check with an apps it said that my phone have it. but i dont know how to use and make sure the sensor is works. can you help me to figure it out? please
Brandon Girod
Do you have the actual Google Cardboard? The gyro is basically part part of the head tracking component, so you could simply start up the app and try looking around through the phone to see if it registers with the content you're trying to view. 
Abdul Samad
Hi, I have a Micromax Unite2 A106 when I try install this app through playstore, it says it's not compatible with my device. 
Brandon Girod
Unfortunately, Google Cardboard isn't compatible with all devices. 
Ankit Shah
Hi, I have download this application but nt suporting askong for mpo files.. suggest
Brandon Girod
Sorry, I'm not sure what mpo files are. Do you have your Google Cardboard set up?
Sony m4 no compatible
Brandon Girod
Yeah,  unfortunately, the Sony M4 doesn't have a gyroscope so the device can't be used for VR apps. 
Google Play says Cardboard is incompatible with BLU 6.0 HD, though it says it only requires 4.1 and over and I run an Android 5. 
Brandon Girod
Are you having issues installing the app? 
Johnny F.
I have a Samsung GT-S7710 V. 4.2.
When i want to install Cardboard app, it says "noncompatible with Samsung GT-S7710" and "No Carrier - Samsung GT-S7710"
Brandon Girod
Are you trying to install it remotely via the Play Store website? Try installing it straight from your device. 
Not compatible with my Xperia C
Doesn't work with Samsung Tend GT-S7580L, despite claiming it does.
Brandon Girod
Thanks for the feedback. What's happening with the app when you open it?
john casey
i have a galaxy core, android 5.1.1.  just got it on black friday.  it's a huge upgrade from my previous pos phone, but it seems like it doesn't work with anything.  the samsung oculus vr?  nope.  google cardboard?  doesn't appear so.  i tried this ( but got a message that i'm not compatible.  i'm not sure if it's just one app that doesn't work, or if i can try others, but i don't want to waste money on the vr if i can't use it.  any advice/help for me, please?
Tariq Abdulla
that sucks, I don't really know of any others, sorry. You could check out augmented reality apps, that's also quite cool
I use Nexus7 (2012) with Yay3D glasses and Cardboard App does not install on my Nexus to calibrate the apps for the viewer, it said "your device isn't compatible with this version". How come, my Nexus is Android 5.11 and the Cardboard App was written for Android?!?!?!
Tariq Abdulla
I'm sorry, I don't know. That's irritating... try emailing Google
Tariq Abdulla
I'm not sure why, but you could try installing the apk from another site like apk mirror
Cannot be install at my phone version

I want to download this app...check their service...
Tariq Abdulla
Incompatible? Not much you can do I'm afraid...
No name
When i dowloaded it just shut my system down?
Tariq Abdulla
that's odd.. does this problem continue?
Kyle Hampton
my phone doesnt work with my htc desire 816 ... any help would be nice 
Tariq Abdulla
does it simply not open at all?
Will it support Xperia e and fit in it
The Shreyans
its not supported in any phone without Gyroscope .
I tried Google Cardboard with my Lg L90 but it moves really slowly, how can i fix that?
(it seems it does move to the right direction but really slow)
Vlad Popa
Unfortunately I do not have a direct answer for you. There may be compatibility issues with some devices. I advise you to report the issue directly to Google and see if it is fixed in future versions.
Also since the app may be rather resource hungry I advise that you close all apps running in the background as it may help it run smoother.
Rahul Sawant
is cardboard works on htc desire 500dual sim ...because it doesn't show on device capability list ..
Hi the Cardboard app on Samsung Galaxy Neo is veryyy slow. and doesn't work after few minutes. Can this be upgraded and made fast?
Vlad Popa
Unfortunately we have no control over the development of the apps we review, this is better suited for the developers.
Also, what device is it exactly, as it may be possible for the app to run slowly on some older devices.
Jude Brown
Hi,I would like to know if google cardboard is compatible with a Samsung Galaxy Fame
I have a galaxy s4 and when I try to install google cardboard it says that my device does not support it... the model number is SCH-I545... and the android version is 4.4.2
Vlad Popa
All my research indicates that the S4 should be compatible with Cardboard. I am unsure what is causing it to indicate it is incompatible.
Marc G.
Hello! I have a Sony Xperia Z Ultra. I bought the biggest preassembled google cardboard i could find, which fits 5.5 inch screen phones. I modified it a bit to fit the huge Z Ultra, but I'm still having problems. Some of the functions work, such as the google cardboard Paris street view, the google earth and the vr youtube. But with others such as Windy Day, or the famous Tuscany from Dive, or when I connect it to my pc to play Skyrim with Trinus Gyre, the images wont combine and I am left with double vision. The whole thing works with my GFs Note 3. Any idea on how to modify it or fix it? Thanks a lot!
Vlad Popa
I'm afraid I don't know how to help. The whole Cardboard experience is rather glitchy, so it may or may not work. You could try contacting Google's Support team, perhaps they can help you modify the Cardboard to suit your needs.
I have Huawei Ascend P1 .. .. on the download page .. it says your device is not compatible .. How come ??    
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