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Dungeon Hunter 3
Dungeon Hunter 3
Dungeon Hunter 3
Dungeon Hunter 3
Dungeon Hunter 3
Dungeon Hunter 3

Review Dungeon Hunter 3

Sergei Petrov
Dungeon Hunter 3 - is a new game from Gameloft studio in the genre of action RPG, which is very popular in Google Play. In contrast to the second part, where the focus was on the story and leveling, here completely cut scene component, but left pumping and significantly improved the fighting. Also, the game has acquired a new quality 3D-graphics and became completely free. But first things first.
At the beginning, we have to choose a hero, and here we have four options:
  • Warrior - fighting in close combat using a variety of weapons;
  • Archer - Deals high damage at a distance, but it is also nice and close to the fighting;
  • Astromancer - mage, produces powerful magic attacks and has lots of damage spells, which consume the manna;
  • Shaman - the average person who knows how little of everything.
Although Dungeon Hunter 3 - this is 3D-game camera is strictly fixed, and it does not operate. Control of your character is due to two screen sticks to move and attack. Also on the screen, there are additional buttons for super attacks, magics and butylkov health.

Features Dungeon Hunter 3:

  • 16 different maps and 5 levels of difficulty;
  • Each day brings new challenges and interesting tasks;
  • 4 character classes with a choice of sex;
  • A huge quantity of arms and armor (over 1,000);
  • Extensive system of leveling skills and magic;
  • Stunning graphics, which will squeeze all the juice out of any gadget (the game is 991 MB).
The main drawback of the game - is the complete lack of a plot and the lack of normal locations. All levels are small, confined space (arena), where we will be attacking monsters small units (waves).
Gameplay for different classes of characters is very different. For example, if a soldier we'll just run around and kill monsters, Astromancer us, on the contrary, will have all the time to get away from the monsters. Also, the characters in a melee play much easier, as there is no need to aim, which is very inconvenient to do on the touch screen.
In the last update of the game came the long-awaited multiplayer, both online and on Wi-Fi. Play online a lot more fun, especially if you get adequate companions, is an expert in the team game. That's just to find players is not always easy because of the buggy service Gameloft Live.
Summary. Dungeon Hunter 3 - is very high quality and beautiful RPG-game, which was in the spirit of the hack-n-slash. Despite the focus on the game in-game purchase, and you can pass it without investing real money, but you have to spend a lot of time.

Final ratings

Gameplay 10/10
Story 10/10
Graphics 10/10
Sound 8/10
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I love this game except the graphic of the games....
Can you tell me where to put the cache of this game
Tariq Abdulla
I would think that there's a folder for this game where you installed it, with the cache inside, is this any help?
A zachem moi planshet 3q rc9716b ne ustanavlivaet igri na play google? On pishit shto u vas net ustroistv
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